KLPGA Board of Directors on the 14th ‘Focused’

At Hole 15 in the first round of the Korean Women’s Open hosted by the KGA (Korea Golf Association), Yoon judged that she found her tee shot that was pushed to the right side through rough water, and proceeded with the event. However, she knew that it was not her credit, but she informed the KGA about it on July 15, about a month after the event ended. Through the Sports Fair Trade Commission, the KGA banned Yoon from participating in the championship for three years. Yoon has decided to give up her request for retrial and accept disciplinary action. She did not even apply for the LPGA qualifying series, which ended in November that year.

In the meantime, KGA voted on September 26 to reduce the suspension period of Yoon Na, who recently filed for relief through the Sports Fair Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Fair Trade Commission), from three years to one and a half years. The Fair Trade Commission said, “Yoon Na has serious reflection and commitment, including complying with the association’s disciplinary decision and donating all the prize money she received from 13 U.S. minor league golf tours,” adding, “We considered more than 5,000 petitions appealing for relief and public evaluation that the three-year disciplinary action of the association led to a three-year suspension of the entire professional tour in Korea.” The measure will end Yoon Na’s disciplinary action on February 18 next year.

A KLPGA official explained, “Yoon-na applied for a retrial of disciplinary reduction and exemption to the reward and punishment committee in October, and the reward and punishment committee posted Yoon-na’s request for a retrial to the board of directors at the end of October.”

Yoon was a “next-generation star” who ranked second in Rookie of the Year and first in slugging before being given disciplinary action in the 2022 season. However, she suffered severe punishment after controversy over “Ohgu Play.” After being blocked from engaging in activities in Korea, Yoon spent a lot of time self-reflecting in the U.S. by doing various volunteer activities.

Some argue that since the decision to reduce disciplinary action by the KGA has been made, there should be a way for Yoon to play an active part in the KLPGA tour. However, others argue that players who violate critical regulations should not be allowed to return to the team easily. Players who are participating in the KLPGA tour in particular are reportedly showing a cold response to the possibility of Yoon’s return.

If the KLPGA board finally decides to reduce Yoon-na’s disciplinary action, Yoon-na will be able to play on the KLPGA Tour from the new season. 메이저사이트

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