The team that studies wins.

The team that studies wins.

Modern baseball is an analytics game. It’s not just about hitting well and throwing well. To hit well and throw well, you need to know yourself and know your opponent. You can’t survive without fierce power and game analysis.

The KBO is set to undergo a revolution in the 2024 season. Automatic ball judgment (ABS), robot umpires, and a pitch clock system will be introduced. It’s hard to say how this will change the game of baseball in the KBO. We won’t know until the exhibition games start.

The coaching staffs and players of the 10 teams are bound to be sensitive. Both batters and pitchers have their livelihoods at stake. Right now, robots are calling strikes and balls. Obviously, the zone itself is different from that of a human umpire. But now you can’t protest. You have to go along with it.

There is only one conclusion. Pitchers need to study which pitches are called strikes by the robot umpires. Pitchers need to know how to throw to catch them, and hitters need to understand their characteristics to set up their zones.

The catcher’s framing is now irrelevant. 먹튀검증 The same goes for the final position of the catcher. It doesn’t have to fall backwards. As long as it passes through the robot’s zone, it’s a strike. For example, the best pitch for a pitcher is one that passes through the high zone at the start of home plate and the low zone at the end of home plate. The catcher has to catch the ball with his mitt on the ground, but the result will be a strike. It’s not easy for hitters who have been seeing these pitches for decades to adjust right away.

Pitchers with good curves will have a big advantage.

In other words, team managers and pitching coaches will need to study which trajectories through the zone hitters won’t be able to hit. And they need to give their players plenty of practice throwing that pitch. If you have a pitcher with a good slider angle, have them throw pitches across the outside zone that are visually a ball when caught by the catcher.

Pitchers also need to pay attention to hitters. Every batter has a different zone, but the principle is the same. The zone is from the knee to the elbow during the batter’s impact motion. Smaller players like Kim Sun-bin (FA) and Kim Sung-yoon (Samsung) have a relative advantage. The zone narrows. Pitchers will be under pressure. This frees up the hitter, who would otherwise have a hard time hitting the high strike zone. For a hitter of this size, studying how the zone is set up in advance can make the fight easier.

When the human umpires were calling strikes and balls, the criteria for a strike was a hit or miss. For example, the last pitch of the game was a ball, even if it was inside the zone, if the umpire judged that the ball was a so-called “arrow ball” and the batter couldn’t hit it, it was a ball. But the robot doesn’t care about that. It will only call a strike if the ball is within a certain square zone. Teams that prepare early will be able to reduce confusion in the early going.

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