“He pulled his hand out too late”

“He withdrew his hand a little late.”

KIA Tigers 2023 rookie pitcher Yoon Young-cheol (18) had a successful debut season. He entered the opening starting lineup through competition with his seniors and maintained his position until the end of the season. He pitched in 25 games, pitched 122⅔ innings, and recorded 8 wins, 7 losses, and an ERA of 4.04. He made 7 quality starts. He had a hitting percentage of .263 and a base hit percentage (WHIP) of 1.40.

He had average performance for an average pitcher. But he deserved praise for his performance in the 18-year-old rookie’s debut season. He also entered the Rookie of the Year race. He lost to Hanwha Moon Dong-ju by a wide margin, but received 15 votes. He was the most pure rookie. Manager Kim Jong-guk praised him, saying, “I thought he would only pitch 100 innings or falter in the middle of the season, but he performed better than expected.”

He also got a lot of homework at the same time.

He only pitched about 5 innings per game, failing to reach the regulation innings. He was also disappointed that his earned run average was not in the 3-point range. He also has a high hitting percentage and WHIP. He also walks 3.52 times per 9 innings, which is not low. His 16.7 pitches per inning can also be considered a lot. 바카라사이트 He also has a higher hitting percentage against left-handed hitters (.293) than right-handed hitters (.237). He also needs to increase his average speed to 137.1km.

To solve his homework, he learned training methods to make his curves and upper body twists more solid at the Okinawa finishing camp. A curveball is an addition to the existing fastball, changeup, and slider. It is also the best pitch for stealing batters’ timing. Since he has excellent command of breaking balls, if he throws a curveball, it seems that it will have the effect of dispersing the targets of batters. Upper body twist appears to be helpful in both pitching and speeding up the trajectory of a breaking ball.

There was another change here as well. Coach Kim Jong-guk introduced, “He practiced removing his hand from the glove late when throwing.” Previously, the left hand was removed from the glove immediately upon winding up. Afterwards, there was a holding time for the left hand holding the ball, and it appears that the intention was to reduce this. Coach Kim explained, “I think it will have the effect of hiding the ball a little more in preparation for the pitch clock.” At the same time, he added, “However, it is not easy to change the pitching motion. The balance must be exactly right.”

Youngcheol Yoon’s pitching movement falls into the slow category.

At the finishing camp, it was measured based on the Major League pitch clock standard (15 seconds for runners with runners, 20 seconds for non-runners) and it was found to be at a dangerous level. So it appears that he made efforts to reduce the hover time of his left hand. In addition, Yoon Young-cheol’s strength is deception (the movement of hiding the ball and throwing it). It has the effect of reducing the ability of others to cope. If he releases the ball late, his hiding time can be longer.

Whether Yoon Young-cheol will adopt this pitching form in next year’s spring camp will depend on the results of training during the off-season until January next year. 메이저 토토사이트 It takes a lot of practice to perfectly master the pitching form. Moreover, if the pitching balance is affected, larger errors may occur. What is clear is that Super Rookie is pursuing many changes to ensure a clear leap forward for the second year.

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