In the famous Primorsky entertainment district of the Russian Far East, many new gamblers joined the community and became guests of famous casinos.

Local authorities claim the number of visitors was higher than 463,000 last year alone. That is a significant increase from the previous year, down 19.2 percent. The average monthly number of visitors was about 38,600, and in October, 44,454 visitors were guests at the casino.

These figures were released by the development corporation of the Primorsky Region JSC and shared on their website.

Most of the visitors to Primorsky were Russian residents. However, about 13 percent of all visitors were foreigners. Most of them were tourists from China (14.726) and Korea (9.512).

The location of the coastal gambling area is quite good. Since the casino development area is only 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Vladivostok, an important port in the Pacific Ocean, this is one of the great advantages of the area, which has definitely become popular among gamblers and gamers.

Two casinos and one world crisis:

There are currently two casinos operating in the area. Summit Ascent Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of Hong Kong LET Group Holdings Ltd, is the owner of the region’s first casino, Tiger de Cristal Casino. The second property is shambala casino resort owned by shambala CJSC.

Profits from Tiger de Cristal this year are higher than those from 2022. There was a significant increase of 37.3%, with revenue of HK$430.9 million or HK$403.4 million, as Summit Ascent reported.

However, the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the company, and as the company develops, it continues to challenge the industry. They said, “Sanctions and travel warnings against the Russian Federation are still in place… International flights to our major international destinations have not yet resumed,” says an official at Summit Ascent

A Hong Kong-based company called NagaCorp Ltd ceased operations in the region in March 2022, which was operating a game resort, citing some “uncertainties” related to the project, and although there is currently no mention of war, sanctions or any crisis, investment analysts have suggested why Nagakov withdrew from the region.


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