KBO Announces 34 Players Qualified for 2024 FA

By FA grade, there are 8 people in A grade, 14 people in B grade, and 12 people in C grade. Among them, 12 players were eligible for FA for the first time, eight were re-qualified, and 14 players have already qualified for FA, but have maintained their qualifications without applying for FA approval.

By club, SSG has the largest number of six, LG, Samsung five, Lotte four, KT, Doosan, KIA, Kiwoom three, and NC and Hanwha one each.

What stands out is that LG Twins pitcher Ham Deok-ju (28) received a B grade, not a C grade. Since it was initially expected to be classified as C grade, Ham Deok-ju’s granting of B grade will change the game of the FA market. Ham Deok-ju played as a must-win group for LG this season, contributing to the overall championship with four wins, four saves and a 1.62 ERA.

Players eligible for FA in 2024 must apply for approval of the exercise of FA rights to KBO by the 17th, within two days of the announcement, and KBO will announce players who exercised FA rights as FA approved players on the 18th, the day after the application deadline.

FA approved players can negotiate with all clubs (including overseas clubs) for player contracts from the 19th, the day after the announcement.


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