Rising stars Lee Byung-ho and Ahn Sung-hyun work together as player-caddies on the field

Rising stars Lee Byung-ho (Spring Creek Academy, USA) and Ahn Sung-hyun (Bongjoong) teamed up as player and caddie at the 14th Asia Pacific Amateur Golf Championship.

Lee Byung-ho served as Ahn’s caddie during the third round of the tournament held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club in Melbourne, Australia, on Aug. 28.

Lee Byung-ho had withdrawn from the tournament during the second round the day before and transformed into a caddie for junior Ahn Ahn-hyun.

Born in 2009, Ahn set the record for the youngest player to make the cut on the Korean Professional Golf Association (KPGA) Korean Tour (12 years, 11 months) at the DB Insurance Promi Open in April last year.

Standing at 182 centimeters tall and with a strong physique, Ahn inherited his power from his father, a former judo player.

“The course was difficult all three days, and I think I wasn’t prepared for the grass or the wind,” said the South Korean, “but today I felt comfortable because my brother (Byung-ho) did a good job.”

“I’m still growing a little bit taller, but I’m not that far away yet,” said Ahn, who is tied for 40th place after three rounds at 16-over-par 229. “My strength is staying upright, but I need to work on my short game and putter.”

Byung-ho Lee, who withdrew from the tournament midway through but made a hole-in-one as an invitee at the KPGA Korean Tour event in August, 바카라사이트 is a promising young golfer who was named the Texas State Junior Player of the Year in 2020.

He moved to the U.S. for his freshman year of middle school and is scheduled to attend Pepperdine University in California in 2024.

Last year, he reached the top of several prestigious junior tournaments in the United States, including the Polo Junior Classic and the Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament.

“My advantage is that I can go a long way, and once I get a wedge, I can make par from anywhere,” said the 6-foot-2 Lee, who joked, “If I get any taller, I’ll have to stop playing golf and start playing basketball.”

The son of Lee Sung-hwan, CEO of sports management company SEMA Sports Marketing, he also responded to his father’s ‘mind control’ spell by saying, “I’m not too worried about it,” adding, “I’ll learn more as I gain experience.”

When asked who he would like to emulate, Ahn pointed to Wyndham Clarke (USA).

Clarke is this year’s U.S. Open champion, but he’s not often mentioned as a role model.

“He has a good swing,” Ahn explained, “and I started to like him after watching the US Open this year.

“I want to hit my driver like him,” Byung-ho said, pointing to Ahn next to him.

After the tournament, Ahn will begin training for the 2024 season when he enters junior high school, while Lee Byung-ho plans to travel to the United States to compete in junior tournaments. 온라인카지노사이트

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