Win Macau suspends VIP junket service

Due to Macao’s economic difficulties, junk dealers in the region decided to suspend services in Win Macao. Entrethenimento Saithaiu Limitada and AG Group have suspended services in Win Macau, according to a recent report in Macau Business Daily.

On the social media page of the Macau gaming union Front of Macao Gaming Union, an internal notice was posted to two groups of employees. AG Group is out of business due to the economic downturn, and will remain open until September 1. There are currently five VIP rooms in Win, Galaxy, and Lark.

Entretenimento Sai Tai Wu Limitada went out of business much earlier on Aug. 1. The company has VIP rooms in Starworld Casino and Altira. Further announcements from Entretenimento are expected in the coming days as the company’s internal structure is revamped. Casino operators, as well as junkets, said the ban on smoking in private spaces was adding to the problems with their operations.


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