Confirms early ‘remaining’

I’ve given up the trouble…Jeju’s next goal of ‘2nd game gap with 10th place’ confirms early ‘remaining’

Jeju United beat the lowest Suwon Samsung 2-0 in the 34th round (Final B Game 1) of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 22nd. After eight games since the match against Suwon FC (3-0) in the 26th round in August, he made the victory sound. In addition, it has escaped from the last four consecutive losses and it is the first time in about two months that he has scored multiple points.

It escaped from a long slump and crisis for now. Jeju suffered a severe slump with one win, five draws and 12 losses in 18 games before the match against Samsung in Suwon. In the meantime, coach Nam Ki-il stepped down, and coach Jeong Jo-guk, who was the senior coach, took over as acting coach. He also lost both games after acting president Chung took office, winning in three games.

Above all, acting president Jeong is infusing “newness” with various changes. He chose four-back instead of three-back, and is having fun by changing the position of central defender Kim Oh-kyu and midfielder Lee Ki-hyuk to side defenders. In addition, the injured are returning one after another, and their power is rising. Defender Jung Un played 72 minutes, and striker Yuri Jonathan also played 67 minutes and scored with a header.

Jeju’s next goal, which started the final round in a good mood, is to remain ‘early’. Jeju will play an away game against Gangwon FC on the 28th. Gangwon (26 points) is also in the relegation zone. Above all, it is an expedition to Gangwon that Jeju clubs feel is the most difficult.

The team will travel from Jeju to Gimpo by plane, and then from Gimpo to Gangneung by bus. It’s a murderous ‘movement’ that takes five hours. If we overcome this and win, not only the winning atmosphere but also the early remaining scenario can work quickly. The gap between Jeju (38 points) in ninth place and Suwon FC (32 points) in 10th place is two games. Based on the results of the 35th round, Jeju can confirm its early stay.

Above all, Jeju will play the Pohang Steelers in the semifinals of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup at home on the 1st of next month, three days after the away match in Gangwon Province. Jeju’s biggest goal and motivation for the rest of the season is winning the FA Cup. As it is played in a single round, if you win only two games, you can lift the trophy. If they win the semifinals, they also have the advantage of holding the finals at home. If he is confirmed to remain, he will be able to “all-in” the FA Cup with a more relaxed mind.


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