Lee Doo-won (KT)’s neck and shoulders are stretched thin after the fourth game of Group B of the 3-on-3 basketball competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games against Turkmenistan on Monday. “I don’t call fouls even though I’m fighting really hard,” Lee said as he slowly caught his breath in the joint press area on one side of the dutching court in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, China .He hadn’t fully regained his normal breathing yet. Kang Yang-hyun’s team defeated Turkmenistan 19-15.The players on both sides of the ball went toe-to-toe .In almost every defensive play, they collided hard and tried to disrupt the attacker’s movement as much as possible .Normally, in 5-on-5 basketball, you defend by reading your opponent’s movement and taking the first step However, the players used their arms as often as they used their quick feet. They pressed their shoulders and arms into their opponents’ bodies to gain speed and disrupt the incoming offense .They used their hands to push their opponents away from the rim, in the opposite direction of their charge .In 5-on-5 basketball, this would have been a foul .But the whistle didn’t blow. So the offensive players, trying to keep their passing lanes in line with the rim as much as possible, waved off their opponent’s gesture with their hands and used their shoulders to collide with the defender’s body with as much force as possible. One collision knocked the defender back, and then another, and another, and another, until he was inching toward the basket, creating space for the shot. It’s like watching a bullfight, and it doesn’t happen often in 5-on-5 basketball .It’s more likely that a foul will be called on one of the players when their bodies collide with each other as hard as they can. Even if this is not the case, in 5-on-5 basketball, where there are 10 players on the court and the space is limited, it is not advisable to engage in such a “power struggle” because it will interfere with the defender who is helping and reduce the chance of scoring. The Korean national team are all professional players. They are used to playing five-on-five basketball and kept looking at the referee in frustration when the whistle didn’t blow .Introduced at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, 3-on-3 basketball originated from ‘street basketball’. When founder James Naismith first invented the sport in 1891, goals were set on either side of the basket .However, around the world, it’s more common to see only one goal outdoors, rather than in an indoor gym. Unlike “official” basketball, where there’s a referee, there’s no one on the street to call fouls. It’s not uncommon for fights to escalate and turn violent .The environment is also different between the indoor gym and the outdoor court .With temperatures approaching 30 degrees Celsius, players are sweating before the game even starts. The smell of 카지노사이트 sweat lingered on the specially heated courts as Asian players battled it out.

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