A one-year contract

Felix, the ‘second Ronaldo’ who failed to show his talent, rents to Barcelona…a one-year contract

Barcelona said on its website on the 2nd, “Barcelona has agreed with Atletico Madrid to lease Felix until June 2024. The club officially announced the recruitment of Felix, saying, “We thank Felix for wanting to wear the Barcelona uniform.”

Barcelona then said, “What Felix showed at the highest level was dazzling. Felix, who made his debut in the first division of SL Benfica at the beginning of the 2018-19 season at the age of 18, quickly became a sensation by establishing himself as the main player of Benfica. In the league, he scored 15 goals and 7 assists, ranking fourth in scoring. Felix has made 43 appearances in all tournaments, surprising the entire football world by showing talent and creativity in the final third region. He deserved the Golden Boy award,” he explained about Felix.

Felix was once such an expected talent in Portugal that he was titled “The Second Cristiano Ronaldo.” It was far from the type that aimed at the opponent’s goal based on excellent physical conditions and scoring sense like Ronaldo, but Portugal’s expectation was that he would be able to grow into a player representing Portugal like Ronaldo now.

Felix, who entered the big league with expectations, headed for Atletico. Atletico acquired Felix for the equivalent of a club record. Barcelona said: “After a great performance, Atletico have signed Felix for the highest price in the club’s history. Felix has played more than 100 games in a total of three and a half years since the summer of 2019, and last season, he played for Chelsea and also made a career in the English Premier League (EPL).”

However, Felix’s performance was below expectations. He did not match Diego Simeone’s tactics, and he was out of touch outside of the game. There was also news that Felix wanted to transfer to Barcelona, and there were rumors of a feud with coach Simeone. In the end, Felix will be on loan to Barcelona this time, just as he was loaned to Chelsea last winter.

Barcelona has every reason to count on Felix. Because Felix is still young. “Felix, who is only 23 years old now, expressed his desire to play for Barcelona. Felix will be able to show his talent,” he said, expressing expectations.


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