$60 million gambling complex in Kingsway

Sudbury’s Anti-Casino Lobby Gains Strength Against King’s Way’s Casino Expansion

Sudbury may not be able to implement its ambitious plan to build a new $60 million gambling complex in Kingsway. A casino group in Sudbury is widely opposed to the city’s expanded casinos. Not long ago, the group asked city officials to reconsider the establishment of a casino in Sudbury. Opponents have signed more than 200 business owners. Currently, the casino expansion plan is trying to warn the group of recent events to ensure that the casino expansion plan never materializes to warn the public about order.

Gateway’s plan to replace its 18-year-old slot in Sudbury Downs with a full-fledged entertainment complex could be on track as Sudbury’s anti-casino group is buoyant. According to the latest news, the group will hold public consultations to provide detailed information on the disadvantages casino gambling can offer people and communities. Anti-Casino Group plans to present its personal opinion at the church at 6 p.m.

Anti-Casino Group Could Ruin Gateway’s Casino Expansion Project
According to Cathy Orlando, a member of the group, there has been no consultation with local residents and no discussion has been held to warn of the dangers of a full-scale casino opening on Kingsway. She explained that the city announced plans to expand the casino five years ago and that city officials had enough time to hold a public debate period to hear people’s opinions on the issue. She added that the slot-only location is much smaller and at a certain distance from the proposed casino.

Gateway’s casino project, on the other hand, is to make it easily accessible to people, meaning that more people will be directly exposed to the negative effects of casinos. Mr Orlando noted that there are many families living in Sudbury, making it inappropriate to build a casino. She had the opportunity to remind herself that the construction of large-scale entertainment projects could hurt the profitability of the northern horse racing industry.

Canadian gambling operator Gateway Casino & Entertainment plans to roll out its first edition , initially expected to build the entertainment complex, when it announced plans to host , but city officials, as can be recalled, voted for Gateway’s casino expansion.


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