KIA runs for eight consecutive wins

Kim Do-young’s wedge shot” KIA runs for eight consecutive wins

In professional baseball, KIA beat SSG and won eight consecutive games. Kim Do-young hit a wedge home run to lead the team to victory.

With KIA Hwang Dae-in’s home run on fire and SSG Choo Shin-soo’s leadoff home run followed by Choi Jung’s two-run home run, SSG, which led by one point until the seventh inning, put closer Seo Jin-yong into one-out early in the eighth inning.

However, the KIA lineup was hotter at the end.

Kim Tae-gun returned the game to square one with a timely RBI, followed by Ko Jong-wook, who came out as a pinch hitter, hitting Seo Jin-yong’s breaking ball and making an RBI timely hit to reverse the game.

And 19-year-old Kim Do-young clinched the game.

After firing a solo shot over the right fence in the ninth inning, I roared to my heart’s content and enjoyed the joy.

KIA, which won 8-6 amid Kim Do-young’s two hits and two RBIs, jumped to fourth place by beating NC with eight consecutive wins.

The bottom Hanwha won two consecutive games against the leading LG.

In the second inning alone, he scored five points and won 5-3

Kiwoom, ranked 9th, swept all 3 consecutive games with 2nd place KT and won 4 consecutive games.

After starting, Lado led a no-hit march to two outs in the seventh inning, leading to a 7-0 complete victory.

Doosan, with starter Brandon’s six scoreless innings, beat Lotte 2-0 to escape its third straight loss, and Samsung, with ace Buchanan’s good pitching, also beat NC to escape its third straight loss.


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