Metro Manila City Announces Ban on Other Types of Online Gambling

The city of Valenzuela, one of Metro Manila’s 16 constituent cities with a population of more than 600,000 people, announces a POGO ban. The city government also extends the ban to other forms of online gambling

In the latest development of the Philippine government’s campaign against online gambling operations, Valencia Mayor Wes Gachalian announced the ban to reporters Wednesday.

Online gambling, such as small town lottery (STL), online chicken fights, and online bingo, was also included in the ban

Recently, Philippine police raided the Pogo base and rescued 1,284 foreigners and 1,534 Filipinos. The Pogo hub has been suspected of being a place for human trafficking and cryptocurrency fraud. Four Chinese fugitives will be deported this week.

Last year, Fasig City, another city in Metro Manila, also enacted a citywide ban, banning all PGO and online gambling operations, including technical services that support it. All gambling operations should be out of the city by the end of 2023.

National government figures also issued statements supporting these recent developments to POGO, and the country’s finance minister said earnings were not worth keeping the industry afloat.

Senators have likewise urged the Marcos government to impose an absolute ban, with one senator saying online gambling operators could be spared ‘billions of unpaid taxes’.

Similarly, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos said in January this year that POGO was “not worth the social costs,” but added that it was illegal POGO that was at issue, not legal.

“It’s not a big part of our economy. And if it is judged that there is a social cost, it may not be worth it. The cost may not be worth as much as they pay in taxes,” the president said.


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