Element Casino Victoria for Reformed Appearance

After a major game expansion, rebranded Element Casino Victoria made its grand opening last month, but construction on the exterior is still underway. Operator Great Canadian, which has transformed an old gambling venue into a fun and diverse entertainment hub, is now creating a renovated look for the casino, and the new look is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Last year, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, one of Canada’s largest gambling and hospitality companies, launched an ambitious game expansion project at the old View Royal Casino in the town of View Royal in British Columbia. In fact, the casino isn’t even that old – it opened on Vancouver Island, but its operator decided to expand its game offerings and began renovations. The renovated and expanded facility has more than doubled in size, and from 30,000 square feet, its gaming floor has increased to 72,000 square feet. The property, rebranded as Elements Casino Victoria, now has about 770 slot machines and 26 game tables rebranded as Elements Casino Victoria, now has about 770 slot machines and 26 game tables.

After 15 months of repairs, the casino opened its grand opening on May 5 and stars like Canadian rock musician Tom Cochrane and his banned Red Tiger performed in the new platinum room. The concert hall has more than 500 seats and is expected to become a new entertainment center on Vancouver Island. The new casino floor will feature a live poker tournament and, in addition, the facility has several restaurants, such as a buffet and a la carte restaurant, an Asian restaurant and a burger restaurant. 슬롯

But despite the extensive opening last month, outside construction has not yet been completed. Elements Around Casino Victoria, there will be water features with ponds as well as northeast stairs and beautiful landscaping. Construction should be completed by the end of June, according to Chris Lynn, director of casino operations on Vancouver Island at the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation.

More jobs and improved economic opportunities in the region
The expansion of the game has created more jobs in the region. Currently, the renovated casino employs more than 300 people and continues to employ them. But this isn’t the only way a brand-new casino can contribute to the community. View Royal Mayor David Screech says construction work needs a huge investment of about $13.7 million. This is because many companies in the region have seen an increase in business in the past year, including companies in various fields such as construction, transportation, energy, and services.

The 500-seat theater will host concerts and comedy shows over the weekend, but it can also be used for corporate and social events such as conventions, conferences and celebrations. Lynn explains that with the addition of new facilities and entertainment options, Elements Casino Victoria will be more than just a gambling place. It will have something for everyone, the manager added. In fact, since the Grand Open has already taken place, it is the largest all-inclusive, fully serviced gaming entertainment venue on Vancouver Island.

It is expected to generate higher revenue and pay more to the host city. For the 2015-2016 financial year, the casino reported revenue of $71.8 million, providing a total of $4.1 million to seven municipalities. The towns of View Royale and Langford traditionally receive the biggest share of casino wins. Great Canadian is currently considering offering hotels with no clear schedule planned.

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