“The accident was caused by Las,” the damage is entirely up to Suwon FC, and even punishment is not easy

Suwon FC’s “ugly duck” Lars caused the accident properly. The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul is investigating a 32-year-old foreign player from Suwon FC on charges of drunk driving under the Road Traffic Act on the 7th. Police were dispatched after receiving a report that “drunk driving is suspected” and caught Las on a road in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at around 4 a.m. At the time of detection, the blood alcohol concentration was measured to be more than 0.08%, which is equivalent to the cancellation of the license.

Suwon FC heard the news around 1 p.m. on the 7th. Choi Soon-ho, head of Suwon FC, said, “We will investigate the situation through the player’s story and deal with it according to the set manual.” Director Kim Do-kyun also said, “It’s the worst situation. I’ve been so careful…He said, “I felt sorry for him. Las and Las’ agents immediately visited the club and bowed their heads. All of these facts were admitted.

It was literally a bolt from the blue. Lars is Suwon FC’s main striker. He played 22 games and scored nine goals this season. He is the highest scorer on the team. Although he has shown ups and downs throughout this season, Ras was the scariest striker in Suwon FC. In the Suwon Derby against Suwon Samsung on the 5th, he scored the header winning goal and led the team to victory.

Coach Kim has led Las to this point by soothing him. In fact, I even thought about releasing him ahead of this season. Las was criticized for his poor play and insincere attitude last season. Las visited head coach Kim and said, “If you give me another chance, I will work hard.” Kim believed in Las. But still, Lars was at a loss. He scored eight goals in the first half, but his performance was below expectations. Except for a few moments in every game, he was often seen walking, and he reacted nervously to each referee’s decision.

To make matters worse, he shook the team with rumors of a transfer to FC Seoul during the summer transfer market. I just trusted the agent’s words and took a break. Las insisted on going to Seoul and missed the training. Coach Kim eventually had to use the super-strong move of excluding the entry. Suwon FC fell into a losing streak in the absence of Las. Head coach Kim once again persuaded Lars through an interview during the break, and Lars also expressed his intention to “do well again.” Las seemed to be on track with a goal against Suwon, but he made the team more difficult by making a huge accident.

Suwon FC, which confirmed Las’ drunk driving, immediately started a countermeasure meeting. A melancholy atmosphere ensued. The summer transfer market is already over, so it is impossible to prepare a replacement for Las. Suwon FC has lost a foreign quota. Tactically, the damage is severe. Suwon FC has no significant striker other than Kim Hyun. If Kim Hyun is injured, he should play the season without a striker. Suwon FC has decided to use its playing coach Yang Dong-hyun for the rest of the season. It is also considering changing the position of several players.

Despite such great damage to the team, Suwon FC cannot impose any special sanctions on Las. The punishment of foreign players who were recently caught driving under the influence of alcohol seems to have been set by the termination of the contract. Kunimoto of Jeonbuk Hyundai in July last year and Jonatan of FC Anyang in April this year were caught driving under the influence of alcohol and left the Korean stage. Kunimoto and Jonatan were both suspended for 60 days by the Korea Professional Football Federation and their contracts with the club were terminated. 스포츠토토

The problem is that termination of the contract only makes Las good. If Suwon FC cancels the contract, Las will be a free agent. You can freely transfer to other teams. You can go to Europe, the Middle East, etc. for a large amount of money. Kunimoto has already moved to Portugal after terminating his contract. In other words, Suwon FC will not get a transfer fee, let alone a penalty, and will just lose its key striker. There are even suspicions among fans that “Ras, who wanted to leave Suwon FC, drove drunk on purpose.”

No matter how disgusting the player is, there is no penalty that can be given. Suwon FC plans to discipline Las according to its own regulations. Instead of terminating the contract immediately, it is considering making minimal profits through transfer or terminating the contract after September when the summer transfer market closes. However, the damage suffered by Suwon FC cannot be compensated.

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