Neymar expressed his intention to leave for Barcelona this summer to the club’s management on Sunday.

“Kang In-mar” can’t be seen anymore, “Request PSG to transfer” Neymar surprise declaration → Korean fans ‘disappointed’

Neymar (31, Paris Saint-Germain) seems to be openly pushing for a transfer. Korean fans who expected chemistry with Lee Kang-in (22) are expressing regret.

Britain’s Sky Sports reported on the 8th (Korea Standard Time) that Neymar had informed PSG that he wanted to leave this summer. Ideally, he wants to return to FC Barcelona, but it’s hard to know how he can afford it because of financial problems.

France’s Recife also reported, “Neymar expressed his intention to leave for Barcelona this summer to the club’s management on Sunday.”

Neymar, who has been rumored to be transferred, has been relatively quiet recently. Rumors of his return to Barcelona, which had been repeated, also faded. However, just before the 2023-24 season begins, rumors of Neymar’s return to Barcelona are suddenly pouring out. Neymar’s heart is in Barcelona.

Neymar and PSG’s contract is until June 2025, and new manager Luis Enrique is also reportedly considering “selling.” Neymar is still the world’s best player, but he is already over 30. For PSG, opportunities to sell gradually decrease over time.

Sky Sports said, “Neymar is not considered a key player for the new coach Enrique, who builds a new team. PSG is open to selling him to focus on building a young and hungry team,” he pointed out.

PSG made a storm of signings ahead of the new season. Key players such as Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) and Sergio Ramos left due to the expiration of their contracts, and they began to transfuse young blood in earnest. Lee Kang-in is one of them. In addition, experienced players such as Marco Asensio were also recruited. 안전놀이터

Although he has several high-quality players, Neymar’s departure is painful. PSG is currently facing a split from ‘main gun’ Kylian Mbappe. He was at odds with Mbappe over the transfer, and did not take him on pre-season tours to Japan and Korea. Mbappe is also known to want to transfer to Real Madrid. If Neymar leaves, MNM (Mbappe, Neymar, Mesh), who has been called the world’s strongest attackers ahead of the new season, will all retire. If the world’s best players leave all at once, the team’s competitiveness will inevitably decrease.

Korean fans are expressing regret that they cannot see the chemistry with Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in, who wore a PSG uniform last month, was particularly close to Neymar. Neymar was often seen taking good care of Lee Kang-in, playing with him first. In fact, the chemistry between Lee Kang-in and Neymar on the Korean tour pleased Korean fans. For fans, it was meaningful for Lee Kang-in to work with Neymar, the world’s best player.

However, it remains to be seen whether Neymar will be able to return to Barcelona. This is because Barcelona’s wallet situation is not enough. Barcelona, which suffered from severe financial difficulties, failed to renew its contract with Messi in the past and inevitably broke up. Most of the actual players were also recruited as FA. In the process of renewing the contract, there were also a few players who reduced their salaries. This is why it is difficult to be optimistic about Neymar’s return to Barcelona, which receives the highest weekly salary in Europe.

Sky Sports reporter Cabe Solhekol said: “Maybe this is a bit of a squabble between PSG and Barcelona. Barcelona, which lost Dembele for 50 million euros (71.8 billion won), may destabilize PSG by saying, “We are also trying to sign a contract with Neymar.”

However, reporter Solhekol saw that Neymar was not a big player in PSG’s project. As the coach has been replaced and the team has changed significantly, it is predicted that PSG’s plan will be planned based on its new face. “PSG really wants to end this galactico culture,” Solhekol said. “I’m sure the future of PSG is not based on players like Mbappe or Neymar. Their future is Benfica strikers Gonzalo Hamus and Dembele, whom they sign. PSG want players who are fully committed to the team. Neymar seems to be the past, not the future,” he said.

Global sports media ESPN said, “A source said PSG could break up with Neymar and would prefer a permanent transfer, but PSG is also open to deals that include initial leases. A return to Barcelona is considered Neymar’s favorite option. But there is uncertainty as to whether Barcelona’s high-ranking officials want to return. “Negotiations with PSG have not yet begun,” he said.

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