Will the $1 million Queen’s Plate Be Delayed This Year?

Ontario’s horse racing may face more challenges in upcoming months of daily operations and live meetings. A recent anonymous source said this year’s Queen’s Plate will be postponed in the summer. On August 22, you could see the official start of the long-anticipated premium horse race at Woodbine Racecourse.

The unprecedented situation is hurting the people of Woodbine Entertainment and Ontario who are currently unable to participate in and benefit from horse racing. Horse racing in Ontario is considered nonessential and is one of the businesses subject to state restrictions. It strives to protect people during these tough times and promote physical distancing whenever possible.

2021 could be the second year experiencing delays and event delays as companies strive to remain as flexible as possible. In a recent statement, an anonymous source said one of the premium events at OLG Canada Triple Crown could be postponed until the end of August to protect Ontario’s horsemen with horse racing fans.

Woodbine Ent. Frowning at the lack of dialogue resuming
The Queen’s Plate is usually held on the last day of June, but this year it could be postponed to Aug. 22, a four-week delay. Sources have information that Woodbine Entertainment is currently not officially publishing. This could happen at the end of the year, as summer approaches and a thorough assessment of the situation has been made. You can recall that last year’s Queen’s Plate was supposed to be held on June 27.

Woodbine Ent. I assist the purebred horse people
However, unprecedented conditions managed to change all plans and were rescheduled for September 12 after horse racing started late at Woodbine Racecourse and Woodbine Mohawk Park. All three legs of the OLG Canada Triple Crown were held without spectators at the racetrack in the fall.

Ontario Horse Racing Project
This year’s 162nd Canadian $1 million Queen’s Plate is coming soon, and all eyes are on the post-position draw. It is the first round and is also known as the longest running horse race in North America. The Queen’s Plate offers a CA$1 million stake in the racehorse experience as a great opportunity to advance to the first position on the official leaderboard.

Woodbine Racecourse Prepares C$1M Queen’s Plate
It is usually held on Sundays and can change the last Sunday of August this year. This year, many people are expected to get a chance to watch live races in person at Woodbine Racecourse. Meanwhile, the two racetracks are still closed. Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, recently expressed confusion over why the Ontario government has spared no effort to help the NHL game begin. 슬롯

Woodbine’s September Queen’s Plate Return C$1M
He pointed out that in these tough times, we need a strict health and safety protocol implemented by all sports, not just horse racing. Recently, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators were approved to participate in home games where all health and safety measures were implemented.

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