Will you continue to be the legend of the strongest in Dagestan?

Islamic Makachev (32, Russia), ranking No. 1 in the UFC “Pound for Pound (P4P)” rankings, will play the third defense match of the lightweight (70.3kg) title. Makachev will face Dustin Poirier (35, USA), ranking fourth, in the main event of the UFC 302 “Makachev vs Poirier” competition at Prudential Center in New Jersey, USA on the 2nd (Korea time).

Makachev is ranked No. 1 in the P4P rankings, which is the ranking given to all UFC fighters. He beat former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira and former featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (twice) to earn the title of UFC’s strongest man. He has continued his pride as Russia’s strongest man in martial arts, succeeding Emilianenko Fedor, who was called “one in six billion” and boasted an undefeated record for 10 years, and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who completely dominated an era of lightweight.
Poirier is definitely not an easy opponent, but Makachev is confident. It is all the more so because he is with his close friend who gave him the strongest position. Nurmagomedov, a former UFC lightweight champion who trained with him in the mountain village of Dagestan from an early age, joined the segment for the first time in a long time. Khabib is known to have passed on his know-how to subdue Poirier directly to his younger brother. “Khabib gives me a lot of good advice. It’s like 20% stronger batting and wrestling,” Makachev said at a media day on the 30th.

Makachev is a wrestler and sambist based on wrestling and sambist. Like other Dagestan wrestlers, he puts pressure on opponents by banking on his beastly physical ability and belligerent tendencies. He usually uses southpaw stance to throw powerful left-handed counters, anomalous kicks, and knee-kick attacks from lock-like pam clinch, which he throws after letting go of the opponent’s attacks, are powerful. He is considered a player who has excellent skills in various fields such as grappling and hitting, and has good physical strength, making it difficult to find weak points.

It is often compared to another Russian legend Nurmagomedov in that he is an overwhelming Dagestan fighter and a teammate. Many say that Makachev is better in terms of an all-round combination of Nurmagomedov and batting for overwhelming pressure on the ground. While Nurmagomedov’s batting has the nature of a setup to go to the ground, Makachev has a strong aggressive color, actively aiming for the counter.

His overall record is also spectacular. Since his debut in the multi-functional arena in 2010, he has lost only once during 26 fights. In 2015, he was caught off guard by Adrienu Martins (42) of Brazil, and suffered a KO loss due to counter punch at 1:46 into the first round. So far, it is his only loss in his fighting career. After the match, Makachev has become stronger.

He has developed in terms of skill, abandoning the monotonous batting pattern of throwing only overhand and starting to put in various setups. Makachev’s pressure for grappling is irrespective of opponent. For pressure-type wrestlers similar to him, he puts pressure on a higher level with stronger arm strength, and even if he encounters Jiujittero, he boldly walks in a technical battle to defeat the spirit by reading and fighting for physical strength. This is why many people say that it is a new version of pressure-type wrestlers.토토사이트 순위

Poirier, his opponent, is showing strong confidence in the upcoming showdown, but Maccachev thinks it’s not a big deal, citing Poirier’s loss in the title match. “Maybe Poirier himself doesn’t believe he can beat me. I think the same goes for his coach,” he said. “My style is the worst for Poirier. He can beat his hitters, but I’m a mixed martial artist. In a nutshell, I’m on a completely different level.”

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