On the other hand Teacher’, Strasburg, who disappeared after eating 335.3 billion won.

Skins started the game against the Chicago Cubs at PNC Park, his home ground, on the 12th (Korea time). He achieved his “first dream” in 10 months after receiving the first overall pick in the first round of the draft in July last year.

When he was a third grader at Luigi’s Annie State University, Skins started in 19 games last year and pitched 122 ⅔ innings, winning 12 games and losing 1.69 with 209 strikeouts, making him the best pitcher in American college baseball. He was named the College Player of the Year and Pitcher of the Year, and led LSU to the College World Series title.

Skins’ trademark is a four-seam fastball with a maximum speed of 102.1 miles. Last year, he pitched in five games in the Rookie, Single-A and Double-A, and this year, he pitched in seven games in Triple-A for the season, before being notified of his Major League call-up on the 9th.

On this day, 34,924 fans gathered at PNC Park. The largest number of spectators since the home opening game of the regular season, which was usually packed with full crowds. It was only because it was the debut game of the Skins.

Skins’ family and acquaintances came to cheer. His girlfriend, LSU gymnast Olivia Dunn, was also caught on camera enthusiastically cheering for Skins with her family. Dunn said in a local interview, “I know how hard he has worked for this moment. He has prepared so hard. Today may be the happiest moment of my life. From the bottom of my heart, there will be no better moment than this. I’m so proud of you.”

His pitching was not very satisfactory. Skins allowed three runs during four innings, giving up six hits and four walks.

However, he performed as expected with his fastballs. He shot a maximum speed of 101.9 miles on average and 100.0 miles on average. Seventeen of his 33 fastballs was over 100 miles. The splitter, called the splinter, showed speeds of up to 96 miles on average and 94.7 miles on average. Sliders in the mid-to-late 80-mile range, changeups, and curves in the early 80-mile range were mixed together. He struck out seven. He struck out four fastballs, two sliders, and one splitter.

It was regrettable that he was hit by a left-wall home run while throwing an 87-mile slider at the center by Nick Horner in the top of the fourth inning, but most of all, it was unfortunate that Seiya Suzuki’s infield hit to the left of shortstop came after allowing Mike Tuckman, the leadoff in the fifth inning, to hit a double on the right-field line. Subsequent pitchers showed difficulties, leading to all the runners Skins sent out.

Skins threw 84 pitches on the day. He could have thrown more, but it was only planned that Pittsburgh would drop him early. Skins never threw more than 75 pitches in Triple-A. Thorough management of stamina and prevention of injury. The Major League Baseball will likely not throw more than 85 pitches for the time being.

As if waiting, he published an article titled “The Best Moments of Skins’ Historic Debut” on the same day, highlighting his performance and the atmosphere of PNC Park.

When Skins was selected as the first pick in the first round in July last year, he was evaluated as the best prospective pitcher since Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg was also the top pick in the first round of the 2009 draft and made headlines when he joined the team. Strasburg signed a four-year, 15.1 million-dollar contract, receiving the highest treatment ever for a draft player.

Since the introduction of a system that pays signing bonuses to players who were drafted within the bonus-pool limit in 2012, Skins has signed a $9.2 million contract, breaking the record of Detroit Tigers first baseman Spencer Tokelson ($8.4 million) in 2020.

Strasburg also threw powerful fastballs with a maximum of 101.1 miles and an average of 98.2 miles in 2010 when he was a rookie. Since then, he has been careful about his ball control, reducing his speed to an average of 95-96 miles, and going down to an average of 93.9 miles in 2019, when he was a career high, but his fastball was a trademark.

Strasburg’s career, however, has been marked by numerous injuries. Strasburg has finished the required innings only four times out of 13 seasons. After winning the World Series in 2019, he became a free agent and renewed his contract with Washington for 245 million U.S. dollars for seven years, and only played in eight games. It is no exaggeration to say that his career ended with the World Series victory.

He decided to retire last year after undergoing rehabilitation from right wrist tunnel neuritis, right shoulder inflammation, neck sprain, thoracic outlet syndrome, rib stress response, and the last injury, thoracic outlet syndrome.토토사이트

Although he had conflicts with the Washington club over the remainder of his contract and the processing of his remaining salary, he reached an agreement and decided to retire. He will receive all of his remaining 105 million dollars in annual salary until 2026. Critics say that the Major League would not have such a big break, but he spent the latter half of his career battling injuries and seeking rehabilitation.

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