After that, the game went into extra time.

And just before the 10th episode of extra time began after the advertisement, Caster Jung Woo-young said, “It’s the 10th episode.” The power of the “extension fairy” was exercised after a long time, and commentator Kim Tae-hyung cursed, saying, “Oh, God X, starting with the first pitch,” as if he did not notice that it was on-air. Although he did not say the subject, it was a word that pointed out Park Sang-won’s pitching, which was ahead of the situation.

After commentator Kim Tae-hyung’s remarks, caster Jung Woo-young said, “I ask for your understanding.” “The conversation when we had a brief private conversation went in,” Kim said, adding, “It’s still a little awkward to look at the monitor.” I hope you understand. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, but he couldn’t avoid criticism from fans because the swear words were broadcasted intact.

Park Sang-won, who took the mound with one out and a full base in the bottom of the eighth inning when his team was one point ahead, prevented the crisis by turning both Lee Woo-sung and Han Jun-soo into a roaring strikeout, but made a Blon save by recording one run in 1⅔ innings until the end of the ninth inning. From the end of the 10th inning, Lee Tae-yang took over the mound, and the game later went into the 12th inning of extra time, but eventually ended in a 4-4 draw.

Park Sang-won, who communicated with commentator Kim Tae-hyung after the scene became controversial, said, “I’m fine as the person involved. I’m telling you. Commentator Kim Tae-hyung is like a father. He said, “I’ve been close to my father since I was young because I’m a senior and junior high school student,” adding, “It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t give you a score,” adding, “It’s something you can say because you care about me.”안전놀이터

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