“Failed to re-sign.”

The second day of the 2024 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s tryout was completed on the 10th (Korea Standard Time). In the morning, interviews were conducted between players and coaching staff at the Holiday Inn and Sweet Dubai Science Park.

The coaches and coaches split into two groups and talked with the players for about two hours. They were also asked about the timing of the last game of last season, the schedule for recruitment of the national team, the current physical condition, and the history of surgery. They shed tears from time to time, but a very serious time has passed. Even after the official interview, some coaches asked questions to the players separately.

The men’s team, which had poor performance on the first day, started the warm-up match at the NAS Sports Complex, 30 minutes earlier than the previous schedule. Saber Kazemi (26) of Iran who had complained of abdominal pain did not appear at the stadium even though he had an interview schedule. Mattei Kok (28) of Slovenia, who accompanied Woori Card last season, also appeared at the stadium due to poor physical condition, but did not play at the warm-up match.

Players were divided into two groups and played a 6-6 game. Indeed, they were more aggressive on offense than on the first day. Officials from the seven clubs also made in-depth observations. Apogit Christian Walzak (23) of Poland, who received the first ranking in two clubs and the second ranking in one club in the preference survey, fell short of expectations.

The player who received the most attention was outside heater Luis Elian Estrada (24) from Cuba. Standing 2 meters 1 centimeter tall, he left a strong impression with his high RBI and powerful attack. Sargent’s jump also recorded 75 centimeters. Watchers say his receiving ability is somewhat disappointing, but the common view was that his offense would work well in the V-League.

At 11 p.m. (6 p.m. local time) after the warm-up match, seven teams announced to KOVO whether to renew contract with their current players. All teams made their decision one minute before the deadline. Only KB Insurance renewed its contract with Villena. OK Financial Group and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., which considered renewing their contracts, did not renew their contracts with Leo and Yosvani, respectively.

Manager Miguel Rivera of KB Insurance chose Villena, who has a good understanding of his volleyball. Rivera and Villena have teamed up together for the Spanish team. “Villena performed well last season as well. I will help you maintain that level consistently. Trust me on Villena. If there was a player who was better than Villena, I would have picked her,” he said, showing strong trust in Villena.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance may choose Yosvani, which has a high probability of making it to the top spot. Manager Kim Sang-woo left open all possibilities, saying, “I think we have a wide range of choices.” “There was a player who was more suitable for volleyball (which OK Financial Group) aims for with good skill, fighting, and spirit through tryouts,” said OK Financial Group manager Ogino Masah, who did not choose Leo, the MVP of the regular league last season. “We will select a variety of players in the list and decide in order.”안전놀이터

On the third day, there will be no exhibition matches, only the draft will be held. The draft will take place at 8 p.m. on Friday in Korean time (3 p.m. local time). Including the teams that exercised the right to nominate candidates in reverse order last season, KB Insurance ranked seventh (35), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (30), Korea Electric Power Corp. (5), Hyundai Capital (20) ranked fourth, Woori Card (15), OK Financial Group (10) ranked second, and Korean Air (5) ranked first.

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