“We think it’s going to be very interesting,” said Angela Wise, Harrah’s advertising and public relations manager.

“Survival is a No. 1 reality show and everyone is interested in the opportunity to earn a million dollars and become a celebrity.”

Wise said he submitted Harrah to CBS for review after learning “Survivor” was looking for a casting call location. “We’ve got a conference room and ballroom space, so I thought Hara’s would be perfect,” she said. “CBS is only expecting a few hundred people, but I’m expecting a few thousand based on the previous publicity we’ve had here and the number of calls we’ve received so far.”

Interested participants should bring an application form for the program, which is available on the CBS website. Questions about the application range from three items that a participant will take to a remote location to the craziest thing a participant can do for a million dollars. Participants will be videotaped for two minutes each to prove why they will be the ultimate survivors.바카라사이트 추천

Once selected as a semi-finalist, you can stay in Los Angeles for up to two weeks, and travel to an unnamed remote location for seven weeks. “Survival” first went on air in May 2000. In the show, the average 16 Americans are abandoned in a remote location. There, they are divided into teams. Every three days, the teams have to gather to vote for someone from their tribe. The last person left wins a million dollars.

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