Is a big man with board control.

He is competitive in the paint zone. He also has the ability to shoot middle. It is considered a weakness to be easily excited, but his determination also raises the energy level of the team.

Aluma, who debuted in the KBL this season, has been on the recruitment list for several teams. He is tall and throws three-point shots. He can breakthrough skills. However, his ball and number presence in the paint zone is relatively weak.

Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun has been utilizing Prim and Aluma in consideration of opponent team matchups. In the semifinal playoff against KT, Choi Jin-soo joined the team when adding Prim. Choi Jin-soo will take charge of KT’s foreign player Paris Bath. This is because Prim can focus on scoring goals by facing Ha Yoon-ki and others under the basket.

When Aluma comes forward, Jang Jae-seok and Ham Ji-hoon, who can hold out under the basket, will be added together. Aluma was the player who could best block Bath in terms of size and skills. However, if Aluma steps forward, he could be pushed out of the paint zone, so Jang Jae-seok and Ham Ji-hoon were placed under the basket.토토사이트

Hyundai Mobis ranked sixth in the regular season league. The team was evaluated as lagging behind KT, which ranks third. However, Coach Cho’s selective combination boosted the team’s performance and created an interesting PO match by playing on par with KT

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