It seems likely that he will return to his former team.

Sports Bild, a German media outlet, reported on the 7th (Korea time) that “Borussia Dortmund will try to sign Sancho in the January transfer market. Dortmund emerged as a recruitment leader a month before the transfer market opened.”

ESPN reported, “Manchester United is trying to strengthen its offense. We are considering a trade deal for Dortmund striker Donil Malen (23) and Sancho. Malen is said to be paid 30 million euros (42.6 billion won).”

Cutting his weekly salary is inevitable. According to ESPN, Sancho is paid 14 million euros per season for Manchester United. The highest paid player for Dortmund is Nicolas Jules (29). Jules is paid 12 million euros.

Sancho has already fallen out of the coach’s eye. Multiple media outlets including the U.K.’s “Mirror” have raised rumors of a feud between Sancho and Manchester United manager Erik ten Haah (53). Sancho expressed his dissatisfaction with the playing time on his social media in October. He described himself as a scapegoat. It was right after he was excluded from the list against Arsenal.

“Sancho was removed from the roster due to lack of training performance,” coach Ten Haq told a news conference. Sancho posted a rebuttal on social media. “I trained well. There must be other reasons,” he said. “I’m a scapegoat. It’s unfair.”

The conflict grew out of control. ESPN said, “Even Manchester United players did not understand Sancho’s behavior. I support him,” adding, “Sancho has rejected Ten Haq’s request for an apology. Currently, he is excluded from the first-team squad. I will eat with the youth and only receive personal training.”

Sancho has been sidelined for about four months. His last official appearance was in the English Premier League (EPL) match against Nottingham Forest in August.

Sancho’s relationship with Manchester United is virtually over. He is most likely to be transferred this winter. Manchester United spent 85 million euros in 2021 to bring Sancho from Dortmund. It is in danger of remaining as one of the failed attempts to recruit him. 토토사이트

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