Kim Je-deok and Lim Si-hyeon take first place in the 2024 archery national team selection competition

Athletes participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics will be selected through two final evaluation rounds.
Kim Je-deok, toward the target

Kim Je-deok (Yecheon County Office) and Im Si-hyeon (Korea National Sport University) took first place in the men’s and women’s recurve overall in the 3rd selection competition for the 2024 archery national team.

The Korea Archery Association announced that 8 people each in the men’s and women’s recurve and 8 people in the men’s and women’s compound were selected as national representatives through the 3rd round of selection for the 2024 national team held at the Gwangju International Archery Range from the 9th to the 14th.

‘Two-time winner of the Tokyo Olympics’ Kim Je-deok was selected to the national team in first place in the men’s recurve selection competition with an overall score of 58 points and an average score of 28.70 points, beating out national team ace Kim Woo-jin (Cheongju City Hall).

For the men’s recurve team, Kim Je-deok, Kim Woo-jin, Lee Woo-seok (Kolon), and Seo Min-ki (Hyundai Steel) were selected in third and fourth place.

Kim Ha-jun (Sasang-gu Office), Kim Ye-chan (Armed Forces Athletic Corps), Jeong Tae-young (Kolon), and Oh Jin-hyuk (Hyundai Steel) ranked 5th to 8th in order.

In the women’s recurve, Im Si-hyun (Korea National Sport University), who won three gold medals at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, showed overwhelming performance and took first place for two consecutive years following last year’s national team selection with an overall score of 59 points and an average score of 28.23 points.

Following this, Choi Mi-seon (Gwangju Bank), Jeon Hoon-young (Incheon City Hall), and Oh Ye-jin (Gwangju Women’s University) also formed the top ranks.

Lim Hae-jin (Daejeon City Sports Council), Nam Su-hyeon (Suncheon City Hall), Lee Ga-hyeon (Daejeon City Sports Council), and Lee Eun-kyung (Suncheon City Hall) also ranked 5th to 8th and wore the Taegeuk symbol.

Meanwhile, in this 3rd round of selection, 16 out of 24 men and women were selected in order of performance after rounds 1 to 3. Ansan (Gwangju Bank), winner of three Tokyo titles, ranked 21st out of 24 with a total score of 14.5 in the third round. He ended up being eliminated early.

In the compound, Jaewon Yang (Managing Director) and Chaewon So (Hyundai Mobis) took first place in the men’s and women’s divisions.

The archery team will enter the Jincheon Athletes’ Village on the 15th and begin intensive training to select the representative for the Paris Olympics.

The three men and women in recurve and compound who will participate in major international competitions, such as the 2024 Paris Olympics, will participate in the first final evaluation match held at the Kim Su-nyeong Archery Range in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province from the 23rd to the 29th, and the second final evaluation match held at the Jinho International Archery Range in Yecheon, Gyeongbuk from the 5th to 11th of next month. It is confirmed through 성인웹툰

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