Director Kang Hyuk of Gas Corporation ‘Jungsik’, now what is needed is a high-quality big man

It has taken off the “agent” label. Daegu Korea Gas Corporation has appointed Kang Hyuk, who led the team’s rebound with calm leadership. In fact, KGC’s task for next season is to recruit an outstanding big man at a time when it has failed to advance to the playoffs.

He is now Kang Hyuk. “He signed a two-year contract as the best first-time coach. He started this season in a chaotic fashion but gave high marks to his performance by banking on his team,” a KGC official said in a telephone interview with the Seoul Shimbun on Sunday.

When KGC terminated its contract with former coach Yoo Do-hoon in June last year, it had a legal dispute and remained at the bottom of the league with two wins and 12 losses until November due to the chaotic atmosphere of the team. However, Kang improved his teamwork and defense and jumped to the seventh place. Kim Nak-hyun, who was discharged from military service as a manager, suffered from knee injury, but made a successful rebound, mainly from Samsef Belangel and Andrew Nicholson.

However, KGC is now six and a half games behind Hyundai Mobis, ranking sixth in the playoffs. With 11 games to go, KGC is preparing for next season by preemptively signing an official contract with KGC.

The key is height reinforcement. As of Tuesday, KGC ranks ninth overall in the team’s rebounding league with 35.1. In terms of individual rebounding, Nicholson ranks ninth overall with 7.85 and Lee Dae-heon ranks 19th with 5.15. Even Lee Dae-heon failed to play in nine games due to ankle injury. Kang stressed throughout the season that “the most important thing is to defend rebounding,” but failed to overcome the limitation as no Korean player of 2 meters or higher was present.

If you look at the top ranks, they all have top-notch big men. The league’s leading Wonju DB has recruited Didric Lawson, who can shoot and pass, to Kim Jong-kyu (207cm) and Kang Sang-jae (200cm), to harmonize inside and outside. Ha Yoon-ki (203cm), the second-ranked Suwon KT, is also active in the national team. The third-ranked Changwon LG is struggling with a knee injury that left No. 1 rebound (15.34) and Asem Maray (204cm). The fourth-ranked Seoul SK has the best foreign player Jamil Warney (198cm).

“We will actively recruit players after the end of the season,” a KGC official said. “We need to analyze and select players before the free agent (FA) negotiation period. We will appoint a coach for systematic preparation.” “We will also make overall investments including remodeling offices and locker rooms.” 사설 토토사이트

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