NC-Chicago W holds a practice game

Eric Peddy, the former NC Dinos “super ace,” meets his family members. It has not been decided whether to pitch against NC, but the possibility is open.

At NC Dinos’ spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, the U.S., Kang In-kwon introduced a “surprise match” that was held in a hurry. “We agreed to play seven innings of practice with the Chicago White Sox,” Kang said. The game will take place at Glendale Camelback Ranch in Arizona, the White Sox’s camp, on March 3.

KT Wiz, who was in Tucson together last year due to the abnormal climate in Arizona, turned to the domestic camp. Kiwoom Heroes also moved to Taiwan after the first camp. The only thing left is the LG Twins, so the two teams held two practice games.

However, due to lack of actual number of games, NC created more chances to play in the field. A match was decided with a local independent league team and a practice match was also held with the White Sox.

It is a valuable experience for a Korean team to play against Major League teams. Still, it was not without him at all. However, this match is special because of Pedi’s presence.

Peddy made his KBO league debut as an NC Dinosaurs player last season, and literally blew up the league. He won 20 games and lost 20 games with an earned run average of 2.00 with 209 strikeouts. He became the first pitcher to win 20 games and strike out 200 with three strikeouts in 37 years after Sun Dong-yeol, the national treasure. Both the MVP and the Golden Glove of the regular league were his wins.

Peddy made the incomplete “magu” sweeper in Korea completely his own, and eventually rejoined the Major League he wanted to play. He joined the White Sox on good terms of two years and $15 million.

The White Sox camp is about two hours away from Tucson. In fact, Peddy can come and meet his NC family if he decides to. However, Peddy is adapting to the team as if he is a rookie at the White Sox. And Major League teams have no rest days. Peddy couldn’t afford to come to NC camp because he was too tired to make time. The feeling will be fresh for Feddy to meet NC again.

It remains to be seen whether he will take the mound or not. It may vary depending on the schedule and conditions of the White Sox players. Also, the practice games did not take place due to Feddy’s relationship. NC’s international affairs team was busy determining that it needed to play in the actual game, and thus the team joined hands with the White Sox.


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