“Only Cleans should be replaced”

The Korea Football Association held an executive meeting at a time when there were strong calls for the resignation of the national soccer team coach Klinsmann.

There was also an opinion that it deserves hard work.

However, Chairman Chung Mong-kyu did not appear to be responsible for the situation.

Football Association executives gathered for the first time since the Asian Cup.

It is to share opinions on the report card received by our national team in this tournament and the mounting public opinion against Klinsmann.

“The meeting was held in the form of a free discussion on the entire Asian Cup, starting with a simple Asian Cup review…”

The meeting was attended by Mueller, chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee, Hwang Ji-soo, head of the technology division, OTC Ryong, vice chairman, and Lee Im-saeng, chairman of the technology committee.

The meeting was presided over by full-time Vice Chairman Kim Jung-bae.

Regarding the issue of director Klinsmann’s future, which is the biggest interest, there have been voices calling for replacement as expected.

However, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, who has usually presided over the meeting, did not receive this opinion directly on the spot because he did not come out after notifying him of his absence the previous day.

The reason is unknown, but criticism has also been raised that the head of the football association is not appropriate for hiding his appearance despite the public opinion.

This is because he is a person who should listen to various opinions and take responsibility for the current situation, and Chairman Chung has the right to decide on director Klinsmann’s future.

Angry soccer fans came to the conference hall in person and expressed their anger.

“KFA President Chung Mong-gyu resigns immediately. Only Klins should be replaced immediately.”

Opinions on whether to dismiss or re-trust and coach Klinsmann’s future are expected to gather as one at the Korea Football Association’s Power Enhancement Committee on the 15th.

Klinsmann will participate online in meetings where his future will be determined.


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