It is difficult to explain Korean baseball companies.

Korea’s professional baseball surpassed 600 million spectators this year.However, qualitative level compared to quantitative factors.In that regard, Jang Hyo and Choi Dong-won and Choi Dong-won still deliver deep cry in Korea.Two were perfectist.I didn’t like to see or lose a weak appearance.If you enter the ground, the laser beam in the snow.Like these days, I didn’t even laugh at the stadium.

Choi Dong-won threw the ball after any proposal, socks, socks, socks, gold, gold tintan, gold, gold medal, gold medals, gold medals, gold medals, gold medals.Choi Dong-won’s pitching dynamic and take a step of Choi Dong-won, who was cool, was cool and salty.In addition, Jang Hyo-jo’s appearance, Jang Hyo-jo’s appearance like a debt.

Two people were amazing.Sports Dong Ah, who has a blogger, which blogger has a blogger, is on October 18, 1978.At that time, Jang Hyo-jo, the fourth grade of Hanyang University, is the fourth grade of Hanyang University.”The Choi Dong-won is an excellent pitcher in terms of sleep.It’s because many other batters are trying to stop with Choi Dong-won.Even if I fight with me, I don’t even think of this medicine, but there is no chance.If you borrow a professional language, but I don’t work.In my 33rd National University Baseball Competition.Choi Dong-won filtered me with a ballnet, and allowed me to hit a ballnet.Can I write letters in front of the Gusa Temple

Regarding this, Choi Dong-won, the second grade of Yonsei University.”If you tell me, it’s not only Hyojo, it is easy to confrontation.Hyojo is clear at a quick batter’s appointment.But there are many weaknesses.Hyojo scored three hits with me on the 14th, but there are no other points.There is no difference in the case where soccer player can’t be a goal.Hyojo has no countermeasures.I can’t use a strike that comes to the knee height, and it doesn’t use your hands.”

Two people moved to the professional stage in 1982, the World Baseball Championship competition than men and moved to the professional stage.Choi Dong-won comply with the professional career loss rate, but Jang Hyo-jo was weak for Jang Hyo-jo.

Jang Hyo-jo was a star in 1973.I went to Hanyang University, and he continued to go to Hanyang University.In 1976.On July 25, 1978) played a single home run home home home home home home home home runs on July 25, 1978.It was a rare run home run that was rare.I played quite many home runs in college.

Jang Hyo-jo was famous as a terrible practice.In Daegu, where the height was pushed back to the position of Daegu, but it became an opportunity to sell the second baseman, but it became an opportunity to strike.I liked it when it rains, but it rained for a while it rains, “Let’s train without high school, and training, let’s wipe out their juniors.”When professional, do you wear four hours in the local room, it was not resting on the bat box, and then sweep 100 times without rest.At home, he walked dozens of boats like a safe and managed.

Through harsh practice, the power and power was good.Former Hanyang University coach Kim Han-geun, said, “I was surprised to pretend to pretend to pretend to pretend to be all 40kg.”In Hanyang University, I also climbed to the mound as a pitcher.With strong muscle strength, Swing speed, Swing speed was like lightning, and “If Jang Hyo-jo-jo-jo, it was so sophisticated that Jang Hyo-jo.It was also fast enough to stop 100m.

Jang Hyo-jo recorded a batting average of 3050 RBIs in professional 10 years.However, KBO was not recognized by Jang Hyo-jo, “The second baseman Jang Hyo-jo, and it is not recognized by Lee Hyo-jo, and the final share rate is not stepped on the last year.”Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, ahead of Jang Hyo-jo, but it is noted that it is still long since the retirement of Jang Hyo-jo, but it is still far away from Jang Hyo-jo.Jang Hyo-jo scored four hits king (198, 1988) and the most hits (187), and the most hits (187), respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively, respectively.It’s a fantastic castle.

He played 2nd place in 1991 as a professional horse.At that time, a high school junior high school junior high school junior high school.Since the unemployment baseball, there was a habit of drinking two cans, but he played a habit of hitting candy while competing with Lee Jung-hoon, while competing with Lee Jung-hoon.At that time, age was 35 years old.

Jang Hyo-jo was immersed in the winning part, saying, “It is a building.”The first year, the first year took hit the batting queen of 0.969 and played 18 home runs.However, the title of the Rookie of the Year’s title of the Rookie of the Year’s title, and the title of the Rookie of the Year.If you usually laughed sweet and say goodbye to officials, the results may have changed.

Jang Hyo-jo was not much compared to the attack.Lotte Han Moon-yeon in the seventh inning of the 7th inning, Lotte Han Moon-yeon, Lotte Han Moon-yeon hit ball ball in the seventh inning of the 7th inning.However, Park Hyo-jo took three-base shot and surprised Jang Hyo-jo took the ball.Eventually, it became a Bill of the background.Jang Hyo-jo, called the moment of the moment


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