One-on-one interview with quiet charisma’

Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which recorded a victory in the game, recorded 20 wins, 5 losses and 61 points in seven consecutive wins, widening the gap with second-place Heungkuk Life Insurance to eight points.

Moma scored 20 points, including two blocking points and two serve aces, and Yang Hyo-jin scored 19 points, including two blocking points, and 12 points for Wipawi, leading the team to victory.

Lee Da-hyun also scored 10 points, including four blocking points, and Jung Ji-yoon scored eight points, including one serve ace.

Having lost 18 consecutive games, Pepper Savings Bank struggled with Yasmeen scoring 29 points, but failed to break the team’s losing streak. Pepper Savings Bank bowed its head after losing 18 consecutive games, the most by a team in a single season.

After the game was over, Yang Hyo-jin of Hyundai E&C had a long conversation with Wipawi. Through an interpreter, Yang said, “Let’s talk to each other a lot even during the game. We need to respond quickly according to the situation.” After instilling confidence, Yang said, “There were a few mistakes that I regret today, but we can overcome them enough,” and gave a hug and patted Wipawi on the back.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, which has won seven consecutive games by catching Pepper Savings Bank, will try to win eight consecutive games against Chung Kwan-kwan in Daejeon on the 4th


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