Lee Chul-jae (Sport Class SH2-Chungbuk Para Shooting Federation) harvested a bronze medal with his wife Kang Hye-young, who was the ‘loader’. Lee won the bronze medal with a total score of 228.7 points in the Shooting Mixed SH2 R9 (50m Air Rifle Prone) final at the Hangzhou 2022 Para Asian Games on Thursday at the Fuyang Throat Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China .It was his first medal at his first Para Asian Games. He was happy to share the medal with his wife, Kang Hye-young.SH2 class shooting has a loader who loads live ammunition for the athlete. The loader helps to ensure the smooth running of the competition, and on this day, Kang Hye-young was the loader for Lee Chul-jae.

“I’m happy that I got a good result,” Lee said, “I feel like it was worth the effort.”Ms. Kang did not receive a medal together. “My husband has suffered a lot, but I’m glad he won a medal in the first Para Asian Games,” she said, smiling, “There are many other people who are struggling, and I hope he can give them hope .”Shooting is a “delicate sport” where the outcome depends on small details such as breathing and psychology. “My wife stabilizes me psychologically,” Lee says. I’ve never worked with other loaders, but I think it’s really comfortable to do it with my family,” he said. Ms. Kang Hye-young, on the other hand, thanked her husband Lee Chul-jae.

“I’m more nervous than my husband, so I’m more willing,” she said, looking at him with a kind gaze .Lee Chul-jae aimed for a medal in the 10-meter air rifle on the 25th and in copying on the 27th.”My goal is to win a medal,” he said On that day, Lee was battling for third and fourth place with Lee Myung-ho (Cheongju City Government).Lee secured the bronze medal with a score of 208.3 after 20 shots, ahead of Lee Myung-ho (207.5).However, he did not make the ‘final two’ .With an intermediate 22-shot total of 228.7, Lee finished in third place behind Aldaheri Saif Ahmed Saif (UAE), who shot 229.2.Park Seung-woo (Sport Class SH2-Gwangju Metropolitan Government) stopped shooting after 16 shots to finish in sixth place (164.3 points). The gold medal in this event was won by Chaichamnan Anerson (Thailand), who set a new competition record with a total of 251.7 points.

The rifle event is for athletes in the SH1 to SH2 classification. Air rifle is divided into standing and prone events, with prone events being mixed and three-position events requiring shooters to shoot from three different positions, and men’s and women’s events. In rifle prone, a maximum of 24 shots are fired. Two series of five shots are fired, followed by two single shots for a total of 14 shots. After 12 shots, the lowest-scoring shooter is eliminated, followed 바카라사이트 by one shooter for every two shots to determine the final ranking.

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