KBS, the host broadcaster of the Jeonnam National Games…

The Korea Sports Council (KSC) announced on the 18th that it has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS) to be the lead broadcaster of the National Sports Games.

Through this agreement, KBS, which has been striving to broadcast the National Games, will serve as the lead broadcaster for the 104th National Games, the 105th National Games, and the 105th National Winter Games, which will be held this year.

As a sponsor of the Games, KBS will also work with the Korea Sports Council on various marketing collaborations.

The National Games is Korea’s largest multi-sport competition, which has been a staple of Korean athletics for more than 100 years, starting with the first edition in 1920.

World-class athletes such as Kim Yeon-ah, Park Tae-hwan, and Hwang Sun-woo have made a name for themselves through the Games and laid the groundwork for challenging the world stage.

In particular, as a large-scale general competition with more than 30,000 athletes, coaches, and executives, it has contributed not only to the development of athletes’ performance but also to the development of sports industries and facilities in the host country.

“Starting with this year’s Games, we will introduce various sports and athletes to the public through this sponsorship agreement with KBS, so please pay close attention,” said Lee Ki-heung, president of the Korea Sports Council.

Kim Deok-jae, Vice President (Acting President) of KBS, promised, “We will provide more live broadcasts of both popular and unpopular sports through KBS’s various channels, including terrestrial and cable.”

The 104th edition of the National Games will be held in October in Jeollanam-do. 파워볼

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