“I nailed it again.”

Son seems to have no change in his mind. After retirement, he will distance himself from his job in the soccer community.

Son Heung-min appeared at Adidas’ venue on the 6th. Adidas gathered global partners Son Heung-min, Jung Ho-yeon, and Park Jae-beom in one place to commemorate the launch of F50 soccer shoes. At this meeting, the story of “Son Heung-min’s life after retirement” was again heard.
Son said, “After retirement, you will not see me as a soccer player. I believe that the fans will like Son the most who plays soccer. I will play soccer for them as long as possible.”

It is the same as what he said in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar four months ago. At the time, Son said, “I love soccer, but I don’t have the ability to teach others. I love the moment when I kick the ball myself. It’s a promise with me, and I’ve already made up my mind. When that happens, I will be close to soccer as a soccer fan.”

The news is regrettable when the soccer community and fans encounter it. Son Heung-min, a representative player of the time, can have a beneficial impact on the soccer community in any way even after retirement. However, Son seems to have a strong heart. The saying goes “Only players can interact with the soccer community.”토토사이트 순위

Still, Son expressed his commitment to play on the ground for as long as possible. I think he will be able to do so. Son scored the most goals in the Tottenham Hotspur (Tottenham) last season, and displayed overwhelming performance in the match against China, which was recently played by the Korean men’s national soccer team. He is in his 30s, but his class remains the same.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, and Lionel Messi, who are much older than Son, are also playing well as they were recently spotted at the UEFA Euro or the CONMEBOL Copa America. Son is also likely to stay on the ground for several years.

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