A Little Fan Who Walked 156km Because He Loved Baseball Became a Robot Umpire Manager

Mr. Daehyun Lee, the on-site manager of the automatic pitch judgment system “Many people are working hard to create fair professional baseball”

Mr. Daehyun Lee, who went from being a baseball fan to a manager at the ABS business division

August 1, 2015. Lee Dae-hyun, a third-year student at Baekhyeon Middle School in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, walked a total of 156 km from his home in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province to Daejeon Hanwha Life Eagles Park.

Lee Dae-hyun, a baseball fan who was an avid supporter of the Hanwha Eagles at the time, said, “I just walked to the baseball stadium to cheer on Hanwha and to encourage my own spirit of challenge.”

The group arrived in Daejeon after traveling for five nights and six days, eating at places like jjimjilbangs.

This story became a hot topic when the Hanwha Eagles told the reporters who were at the professional baseball game at the time.

Nine years later, Lee Dae-hyun, now an adult, is working as a manager (field manager) in the professional baseball automatic pitch judgment system (ABS) business division.

Mr. Lee, who majored in business administration at university, applied for a job at Sports2i, an ABS operator, after being discharged from the military early this year and was accepted.

In a recent interview with Yonhap News, Lee Dae-hyun said, “I’ve loved professional baseball since I was young,” and “the experience of walking nonstop to the baseball field when I was in middle school led to my dream of working in the baseball industry, and I recently achieved that dream.” 슬롯사이트

He added, “ABS is a historic system that was first introduced in the KBO League (among the first-tier professional baseball leagues in Korea, the US, and Japan),” and “I am honored to be able to contribute to the operation of this advanced system.”

Mr. Lee, who is on leave from school, goes to the baseball stadium every morning to check the ABS and dugout tablet devices.

During the game, he is very busy. Every time the pitcher throws the ball, he checks the transmission process of the system to prevent errors.

It is also Lee’s role to prevent tracking errors caused by insects such as mayflies and foreign substances.

After the game, a report is written to provide suggestions for improvement.

Lee Dae-hyun said, “Many people are working behind the scenes to improve the fairness and transparency of the KBO League in the professional baseball field,” and “I will do my best to ensure that the meaning of the sweat of the players and the passionate cheering of the fans does not fade.

Sports Toi has hired new staff in charge of ABS introduction this year.

In five stadiums across the country, two to three ABS business headquarters managers are performing related tasks per game. 토토사이트

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