The challenge continues for 6-foot-5 Apojit Kim, the ‘heavyweight fixer’

“We will show you everything without regret.”

Chungbuk National University defeated Myongji University 3-1 (20-25, 25-23, 23-20, 25-23) in straight sets on Monday at the Danyang National Sports Center in Danyang, South Korea, in the Group A preliminary round of the 2024 Korean Air Volleyball National University Games.

Joongbu’s Kim Yo-han (OP, 188 cm) led the way with 28 kills, while Yang Han-byul (OP, 190 cm) and Cha Min-joon (OH, 183 cm) added 10 apiece. With the win, Chungbuk advances to the semifinals as the second-place team in 파워볼실시간 Group A and will face Inha University on Nov. 1.

After the match, Kim Yo-han said, “We were under a lot of pressure because this match could decide whether or not we advance to the semifinals, but we said to each other, ‘Don’t be afraid, let’s do our thing with confidence,’ and I think we did it well, so it was an even better win.”

In the first set, Chungbuk got off to a slow start thanks to Myeongji Ssangpo. Kim Yo-han scored eight points in the first set, but the team lacked the resources to support his scoring. “I didn’t want to lose in the first set,” he said. I think I was scared and didn’t play confidently,” Kim said of the situation. “In the second set, (Yang) Han-byul and (Cha) Min-joon came in, and I was grateful for that,” he said.

After dropping the first set, Chungbuk came out with a completely different look in the second set. They shook the opponent’s receiving line and showed their own play. Kim Yo-han was the top scorer for both teams with 28 points, including three service aces. “I think there were a lot of mistakes in this match, but there were also a lot of points, so I would give it a 7 out of 10,” Kim said, “I want to keep what I did well and improve on what I didn’t do well, so I want to show a good performance.

Kim Yo-han is not only known for her scoring, but also for her passion on the court. She shouts harder than anyone else and transmits her energy to her teammates. Kim also cites that as a strength. “I’m most confident in my serve and fighting. I can hit boldly if I have a good attack,” he said confidently. His serenades are also eye-catching on the court. “Actually, I do think about my serenades to some extent. Sometimes, when I score a ridiculous goal, it seems to come out instinctively,” he laughs.

This season, Kim chose to wear the number 75. It stands out because he was free to choose any number from 1 to 99. What does his number mean to him? “I wanted to choose a number that was meaningful to me because it’s my last season playing college volleyball. My mom was born in the year 75. I chose number 75 because I thought of my parents.” His words showed that he was thinking about his parents.

Lastly, Kim Yo-han said, “I think we have achieved our goal of reaching the quarterfinals, but I think we can go higher, so I want to show everything in the next match without regret.”

What will Kim Yo-han look like as a fixer for Jungbu?

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