Controversy over MLB referee’s absurd ‘end of defensive interference’ decision

MLB Baltimore wins thanks to referee’s decision to end defensive interference

The Chicago White Sox, last place in the Major League Baseball (MLB), lost the game due to an absurd decision by the umpire.

The White Sox lost 6-8 to the Baltimore Orioles in a home game held at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois, USA on the 24th (Korean time).

The controversial situation occurred in the final attack of the bottom of the 9th inning, when the White Sox were down 2-8 and made up 4 runs.

With one out and runners on first and second base, Andrew Benintendi hit the ball high into the infield. The second base umpire declared an infield fly.

As an infield fly was declared, batter Benintendi was automatically out.

At the same time, the third base umpire also raised his right hand and declared interference with the runner on second base. It was ruled that second base runner Andrew Vaughn interfered with Baltimore shortstop Gunner Henderson, who was trying to catch Benintendi’s fly ball.

Two out counts were declared at once and the game ended, leaving the White Sox on their knees in vain.

Looking at the video of the game, Benintendi’s batted ball did not reach far, so Bon slowly returned to second base. Henderson and Bon, who were behind second base and moved forward following the direction of the batted ball, did not make much physical contact.

Nevertheless, the third base umpire declared Bon’s interference in defense.

According to American media such as ESPN on the 25th, the White Sox team asked the MLB Secretariat immediately after the game about the decision to end the controversy, and the MLB Secretariat responded that it had the right to make a decision at the referee’s discretion, but that it was a situation in which it should not have made a decision to interfere with defense.

The umpire argued that the third base umpire’s decision was justified, citing Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Major League Baseball Rules, which states, “If a runner interferes with a fielder trying to field a batted ball, he is out regardless of his intention.

Even if Vaughn did not see Henderson’s movement forward to catch a fly ball and returned to second base, it was an obstruction of defense because he blocked Henderson’s defensive path. However, looking at the broadcast video, the White Sox found that the umpires applied the rule by interpreting it too literally. This is the decision of the MLB Secretariat.

“I don’t think Henderson had a problem with his defense,” said Vaughn. “Both the runner and the fielder knew it was a high ball in the infield, and I had to go back to second base.”

White Sox manager Pedro Gripol said, “In my personal opinion, the decision was wrong,” and emphasized, “The MLB Secretariat should look into this situation in detail for the sake of the future.” 토토사이트