Storytelling is the most important factor in professional sports that grows with the love of fans.

It plays a role as a medium that can dramatically amplify interest and popularity in addition to skills and careers. Boxing’s Muhammad Ali and basketball’s Michael Jordan are among the best players in history because they are evenly divided.

If so, what storytelling can attract attention? There is no correct answer. This is because it changes from time to time depending on the situation. Nevertheless, one of the things that has become a hot issue steadily is to continue to be active in the sport from generation to generation. When parents were stars, but children also run toward a career that goes beyond or near, naturally, many people’s eyes pour out.

The same applies to Korea. Yeo Seo-jeong, who won the gold medal at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics in the women’s vault in women’s gymnastics, was the daughter of Yeo Hong-cheol, the first silver medalist in Korean Olympic gymnastics. Lee Jung-hoo, now a major leaguer, is also famous as the son of Lee Jong-beom, one of the best hota-juns in an era.

The same applies to basketball. Many people say that Lee Hyun-joong (24, 202cm), who is struggling to achieve his dream to play in the NBA on overseas stages, is one of the best players in Korea. Although he has yet to join the NBA, experts say that considering his performance at international competitions as a member of the national team and his performance that has been proven in the Japanese league this season, it is no longer necessary to verify his performance.

There is a person who is naturally summoned as Lee Hyun-joong is highlighted. He is none other than his mother, Sung Jung-ah, chairman of the finance committee of the Korea Women’s Basketball Association. One of the legendary women’s basketball legends in this era, she also led the team in winning the silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. However, since so much time has passed since then, not a few people in the recent generation do not know the name of Sung Jung-ah.

However, as Lee Hyun-joong became famous, his name and history are frequently mentioned. When he was interviewed by the reporter, he said, “It is a great feat that will remain in the history of Korean women’s basketball, but it is true that it has been forgotten a lot since 40 years have passed. As Hyun-joong draws attention, naturally even my mother, me, is also on the topic of conversation, which is why I am grateful and a little embarrassed.”

Then, why don’t you turn your attention to the KBL? Many people think of Heo Woong (31·183.5 cm) and Heo Hoon (29·180 cm). Their father is Heo Jae, former CEO of Day 1 Sports, who was once a rich man with colorful modifiers such as “Basketball President,” “Basketball Genius” and “Basketball 9 dan.” Heo Jae was one of the stars who was competing for the top spot in all sports, not playing basketball.

It is certainly not common for the two brothers to succeed their father and play with high popularity in the league at the same time. There are not a few second-generation basketball players who have been playing as players for generations, but one team’s main-level skills, high popularity, and even brothers…, It is not easy to find a case where various codes of interest are evenly equipped.

The KBL championship game, which ended recently, received more attention than any other season. In addition to the story of the former Busan team KT and KCC, which moved from Jeonju to Busan from this year, the competition for the championship between the two teams’ older brothers Heo Woong and Heo Hoon has emerged as a hot potato. The championship game ended with the victory of KCC, which is far ahead of the team’s best players, as many expected.

However, KT was more than just a supporting actor. Notably, the performance of Hur Hoon, who is considered one of the team’s franchise stars and the best No. 1 players in the league, was highly praised for his record-breaking performance. He dominated the court by playing “one 騎當千” against the collaboration of key national team players including Song Kyo-chang, Choi Jun-yong and Ra Gun-ah.

Despite KCC’s blatant check in, he scored 26.6 points and recorded 6 assists on average in five games, which was not inferior to Paris Bath (29, 208cm), the team’s first-choice foreign player. Analysts say that even though he was not in normal condition due to his cold, he showed a ringer fighting spirit and played 40 minutes full time from the second game to the last fifth game clearly showed why Heo Hoon is a legendary player.

In fact, it is true that Hur was slower this season than other seasons. This is largely due to his lack of physical and physical condition due to frequent injuries. It was the same in the playoffs, but he displayed strong sense of responsibility and fighting spirit in the most important series. Through the championship game, Hur proved that he is a player who can shake the flow of big games if he wants to.

As a result, the play of his father Heo Jae when he was active is being talked about again. Of course, since the three rich people are so famous through broadcasts, few people do not know that Heo Hoon is the younger son of Heo Jae and that his father Heo Jae was very good at basketball. However, it is also true that in the case of the recent generation who did not see Heo Jae’s play live, it is not felt in the emotional part.

In such a situation, Heo Hoon showed a terrifying native ace mode that will go down in history, and there were opinions that compared it to his father Heo Jae, who showed his injury fighting spirit during the 1997-98 season and even wrote the MVP myth of the runner-up team. To the opinion, “Was Heo Jae really that player? Isn’t he correcting the times?” fans who watched Heo Jae’s play at the time seem to answer, “It’s not that much, it’s an upgraded version of Heo Hoon this season.”안전놀이터

In fact, apart from likes and dislikes for the character Heo Jae, it is true that further explanation is unnecessary for player Heo Jae. At least in the history of Korean basketball, it is mentioned unconditionally when selecting the best technique, and it is clear that it will be evaluated at the highest level, with only a difference in degree. There are extremely rare players now and in the past. Heo Jae in the past was like that, and Heo Hoon in the present is like that. I am curious about the next season of Heo Hoon, who summoned his father, who will remain a legend.

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