And it got bigger.

Industry leader Logan’s Interactive Rise, Utah, is building the ultimate thrill ride in the backyard of Project X Sky, a new state-of-the-art playground that will send passengers to the edge of the stratosphere tower nearly 900 feet above the Las Vegas strip. Originally supposed to travel about 27 feet from the edge of the stratosphere observatory, the vehicle has now expanded to 31 feet, giving riders the greatest thrill possible.

“Four feet further from the edge of Stratosphere Tower will look like a mile,” said Bobby Ray Harris, senior vice president of operations at Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower. “We chose maximum thrills and speeds by adding extra footage to the ride experience, and because of this, rides will now open in October,” he said.

The ride is a bottomless, open vehicle that seats eight passengers in “escape-proof” seats. The vehicle is attached to a rotating track that pushes the passenger’s vehicle over the edge of the stratosphere tower at 30 miles per hour. Passengers will experience free-fall movements as they repeatedly race back and forth from the edge.

Built in Utah, the colossal structure will head to Las Vegas in September, where it will be elevated to the sides of a stratospheric tower via a commercial helicopter and up to its home at the observatory. The undisturbed view of the world-famous Las Vegas strip rewards those who are brave enough to ride Project X Sky. 실시간 바카라사이트

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