‘Cliffhanger KIM, could old connections help’ Top names emerge as Kim Min-jae relievers

Juventus, the prestigious Italian Serie A team, is being considered as a possible reliever for Kim Min-jae.

‘ilovepalermocalcio’ reported on Thursday (KST) that ‘Cristiano Giuntoli wants to take him back’.

Kim Min-jae has been having a difficult time at Bayern Munich lately. He’s been relegated to the bench and playing less often.

Kim Min-Jae’s place was taken by Eric Dier, who joined the team in the winter transfer window. Dyer has been trusted by Thomas Tuchel and has recently formed a first-choice center back duo with Matthias Durich. Dyer’s position was considered untouchable by the German media and was expected to be solid for the time being. Kim Min-jae was given another chance against Heidenheim, but his poor form was exposed again as he was involved in all three goals.

Tuchel also publicly criticized Kim. He pointed to the second goal that Kim was involved in and said, “It was the result of the first five minutes of the second half. We were extremely careless and too weak in the contest,” he said, especially pointing out the second goal that Kim Min-jae was directly involved in, saying, “There are no such goals at this level.”

German media also criticized the team. Germany’s SPOX wrote, “Kim Min-jae touched the ball more than any other player in the team during the first half. However, a failed header early in the second half led to a goal, and his behavior at the time of the second goal was out of character. The bottom line is that he made two fatal mistakes.

Kim was subsequently benched for both the Arsenal and Cologne games, and his situation was made even more frustrating when he lost out to Dayot Upamecano as the number three center back.

But an old acquaintance came to Kim’s rescue: the manager who took him to Europe’s top five leagues.

‘ilovepalermocalcio’ tweeted, “Juventus has attracted interest from several clubs. Man United are targeting him. Juventus fans were afraid of losing him, but they have confirmed the name of his replacement and the problem seems to be solved. It is believed that the Bundesliga player is being sought by the Bianconeri through president Cristiano Giuntoli.

‘Juventus are believed to be targeting Kim Min-Jae. He hasn’t been performing well at Bayern and has lost his starting spot, so there is talk of a summer move and Juventus could be very specific. Also, Juventus could consider a swap of Kim Min-Jae and Federico Chiesa to lower the transfer fee,” explaining Juventus’ active interest.

Giuntoli was the one who spearheaded the signing of Kim during his time at Napoli. Kim was pushed by Giuntoli during his time at Napoli, where he helped the club 카지노사이트 reach the top five European leagues. Giuntoli has since moved on to Juventus, but it seems he still thinks highly of Kim.

Kiesa is considered one of Serie A’s top wingers. He has had a difficult time with injuries since joining Juventus in the 2020-2021 season, but he is still highly regarded for his skills. He could be a great option for Bayern as they look to replace the likes of Leroy Sane, Kingsley Coman, and Sergi Gnabry.

The possibility of Kim Min-jae returning to Serie A has been discussed several times recently. Former club Napoli have been mentioned, along with the prestigious Inter Milan. Juventus have also been linked with a move.

‘There are already several clubs that are interested in Kim Min-jae. There are two clubs in particular. Juventus and Manchester United. At Juventus, Giuntoli, who brought him to Napoli, has great respect for Kim Min-jae.

Italy’s JuveLive also reported, “Juventus’ transfer market is already heating up. Will president Cristiano Giuntoli bring Kim Min-jae back? In fact, the Bianconeri are interested in Kiesa, who could replace Kim Min-jae and take him to Bayern.

JuveLive added: ‘Reporter Luca Momblano said that Bayern and Juventus have been in contact for various negotiations. According to this assumption, Chiesa Giuntoli could be included in the transfer of Kim Min-jae, which is why it is possible to imagine a deal between the Bianconeri and Juventus in the transfer market,” the report added.

For Bayern, if Kim’s position becomes ambiguous, or if the next coach doesn’t want to keep him, a swap deal for Chiesa and Kim could be a viable option to bolster the attacking lineup. However, it remains to be seen whether Kiesa or Juventus would be receptive to the idea.

A return to Serie A continues to be an option for Kim Min-jae, who is having a difficult time at Bayern. It will be interesting to see if Giuntoli, who oversaw Kim’s successful debut in Europe’s top five leagues, can be his savior once again.

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