The season record is 4 wins and 16 losses.

It ended its most consecutive away losses in history with 22 consecutive losses.

Samsung had lost six consecutive games before the match. Its record of consecutive losses, which was the largest in the KBL, also increased to 22 consecutive losses.

Samsung had clear problems. It lacked players to assist Coburn. Lee Jung-hyun (191 cm tall, G) struggled only, and there was no Korean player to provide scoring support.

As a result, Samsung only found Coburn and Lee Jung-hyun in the match. Despite playing well, the team was far behind in the match. The team that faced Samsung only had to block Coburn and Lee Jung-hyun.

Coburn boasts overwhelming power in the paint zone. He is a player who can attract more than two players. Naturally, there is an empty place. If Coburn takes advantage of the scoring opportunity, Samsung could be competitive enough.

Samsung, however, lacked shooter. Cho Joon-hee (187 cm, G) also exited the team due to injury. He couldn’t fully enjoy the Coburn effect.

Samsung manager Eun Hee-seok chose the trade after much thought. He gave up Park Min-woo (197cm tall, F) to the Seoul SK Wyverns, and brought in Hong Kyung-gi (184cm tall, G) with scoring ability. He aimed to change the mood.

And Hong, who played his first game as a member of Samsung, immediately got a fruitful result. He scored three points and three walks in the outskirts. He had a synergy effect with Coburn, who devastated the bottom of the basket.

Hong’s performance in the game gave positive feedback to other players as well. Lee Jung-hyun, who had been carrying too much weight, lightened his shoulders. Lee Dong-yeop (193 cm, G), who had played since the third quarter, also showed off his good sense of field pitching. He posted his best record in this season.

Samsung did not hesitate in shooting opportunities. It was completely different from its performance up to the second round. He was full of confidence.

Samsung was also able to confirm its strong will to end its losing streak. Samsung players did not throw any free throws in vain.

After the game, Hong said, “A player naturally has a desire to play. I couldn’t play in the SK Wyverns due to team circumstances, but coach Jeon Hee-chul gave me a chance. I want to thank coach Jeon Hee-chul. Coach Eun Hee-seok also chose me and gave me a chance. When I do well, the coach can get a good evaluation. I will do my best.”

As manager Eun Hee-seok said, Hong Gyeonggi scratched Samsung’s itchiness. He made good use of the attack derived from Coburn, Samsung’s winning equation. 토토사이트

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