Scientific Games today announced that its iVIEW4 technology has been implemented by Pechanga Resort and Casino, California.

The two companies have signed a contract, which allows the company-supplier to install technology on all slot machines in the casino. In that way, casinos aim to devise new business strategies that can access players’ unique needs and personal needs.

IVIEW4 Technical Information
The operator will provide interactive and interesting customized game content for non-card game players through iVIEW4 technology. In addition, HTML5 graphics run seamlessly on devices provided by IVIEW4. In addition, Scientific Games’ technology utilizes a special web gadget that allows casino support teams to easily update game content on slot machines and introduce new bonuses, promotions, videos, and more. The technology has been reported to provide an immediate response via a touchscreen.

customized track and field game environment
The move came as part of a casino strategy to strengthen the multi-channel marketing campaign by customizing game options to suit players’ needs. It’s interesting that many land-based casinos are starting to find ways to offer personalized gambling options and some industry-related experts even believe this may be a new trend.

It’s not surprising that we have this technology in mind. Gambling today is possible with a single mouse click and gives players a digital experience. Moreover, Internet gambling utilizes special techniques to analyze customers’ preferences by tracking their “online behavior.”

Pechanga Resort & Casino is designed to install iVIEW4 technology to provide players with a better experience while responding quickly to customers’ personal needs, with innovative upgradeable technologies expected to stimulate the appetite of more casino operators with the aim of keeping players. Currently, Scientific Games has announced that it will install iVIEW4 technology on 4,200 slot machines of more than 200,000 square feet located on the Pechanga Resort and Casino floor. 바카라사이트

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