There are small gifts for children such as candy and chocolate in the window.

Kim Min-jae is seen standing with snowflakes on the advent calendar released by Bayern Munich. Kim Min-jae is located in the center along with Bayern Munich players such as Müller and Neuer.

Bild said, “Bayern Munich’s Advent calendar is a popular gift for young fans,” adding, “This year’s Bayern Munich Advent calendar features stars selected from men’s and women’s soccer teams and some basketball teams.”

The media said, “Some Bayern Munich may feel disappointed in this year’s Advent calendar. “Coach Tuchel and Kane are missing,” he said. “Bayern Munich may have decided not to include both women’s soccer and basketball team coaches as well as men’s soccer teams in this year’s Advent calendar.” In particular, Kane’s transfer timing may have been a problem regarding Kane’s absence. Kane confirmed his transfer to Bayern Munich on August 12 and would have joined the team when the production of the Advent calendar had already begun, he said.

Kim Min-jae is playing as a key defender, starting in all games in the German Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League matches played by Bayern Munich this season. Bayern Munich has lost only seven goals in nine games this season with seven wins and two draws in the Bundesliga, recording the league’s lowest number of goals. Bayern Munich has won three matches in the UEFA Champions League. Kim Min-jae was selected as the best 11 in the Bundesliga in October by European football statistical media Huskored.Com, and European transfer media TransferMarkt also mentioned Kim Min-jae as the best 11 final candidate for the Ballon d’Or.

Kim Min-jae ranked 22nd in the Ballon d’Or rankings announced by French Football on the 31st. Kim Min-jae was recognized as the world’s best defender, recording the highest rank among the defenders included in the final 30 Ballon d’Or candidates. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) awarded Kim Min-jae the International Player of the Year award on the 1st and evaluated him as the best Asian player active in the European stage. 토토사이트 순위

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