I am going to join the army on April 29th

According to soccer officials on the 28th, Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, Maeng Sung-woong (Jeonbuk), Lee Hyun-sik (Daejeon), and Kim Seung-seop (Jeju) were among the successful candidates for the second military sports unit in 2024, which was announced on the same day.

Last month, the Armed Forces Sports Unit selected 20 players by conducting physical fitness measurements on 59 players who were screened in the document screening.

So far, Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, Maeng Sung-woong, Lee Hyun-sik, and Kim Seung-seop, Park Chan-yong, Kim Joon-ho (Pohang), Kim Kang-san (Daegu), Lee Seung-won, Park Sang-hyuk (Gangwon), Park Dae-won (Suwon), Won Ki-jong (Gyeongnam), Kim Tae-hoon (Anyang), Asan (Choi Ye-hoon), Yoo Seon (Seongnam), Oh In-pyo (Seoul E-Land), Kim Chan (Busan), Chu Sang-hoon (Jeonnam), and Lee Ju-hyun (Bucheon) have reportedly passed.

An official from the soccer community said, “The military sports department has recently notified only individual players of the successful applicants without notifying their teams and Gimcheon clubs,” adding, “It is not easy for his team, Gimcheon, to identify successful players.”

“I create the system and manual for selecting players, and I also request the players I need for each position,” Gimcheon coach Chung Jeong-yong said. “However, I have no information on selecting players. I am also listening to information on Areum,” adding, “All players who have been confirmed are eligible to be selected.”

The successful players will join the military on April 29 and perform their national defense duties for a year and a half.

Gimcheon, which won the K League 2 (second division) last year and was promoted, is cruising with two wins and one loss (6 points) early this season. However, the main pillars such as Won Doo-jae, Kim Hyun-wook, Kim Jin-kyu and Lee Sang-min are scheduled to be discharged from the military on July 15, and Gimcheon has to fill their empty spots with new faces. 메이저사이트

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