“It wasn’t a big problem.”

Antonio Nusa (18, Cluff Brugger) is highly likely to play in the big league this summer. His physical condition, which he had been concerned about, turned out to be fine. Tottenham Hotspur also showed interest in his destination, drawing keen attention to his destination.

“It’s true that I almost went to Brentford. But it didn’t happen for many complicated reasons. There was a lot of commotion, and we had a hard time. So many unexpected things happened. It was known through social media, but that’s life. Now I’m happy and happy to learn a lot from it.”

He continued, “We wanted to find a cause for the substance of this case as soon as possible, and we could get a lot of help from Norway. We found a good solution, and we were thoroughly checked, so we didn’t have to get stressed. Of course, I was worried because something was wrong. So it was important to find out the cause. I was afraid there might be something wrong with my body. It was a tough time, but it wasn’t a big problem. That’s what we found out.”

Norway’s striker Nusa can play both winger and striker roles. He joined Brugge in 2021 after playing for Stavec Potbal, and his transfer fee was 3 million euros (about W4.3 billion). He made his debut in his first season, and he started to be hired in earnest from the 2022-23 season. He has been on the field frequently this season, and he has scored four goals and four assists, displaying his potential at an early age.

Tottenham continued to show interest in Nusa. Former general manager Fabio Paratici visited Brugge to observe Nusa last year, and sources inside Tottenham explained that Nusa was on their recruitment list. It also continued in the winter transfer market. Multiple Belgian media outlets reported that Tottenham and Brugge were negotiating, and the reported transfer fee was 30 million euros (about 43.5 billion won).

Then, Tottenham’s trip to Tottenham ultimately failed and suddenly tilted to Brentford. Multiple media outlets reported that Nusa wanted to move to Brentford because of the guaranteed playing time. However, the medical test did not take place due to a problem. The problem was reported to the back and knee cartilage.

Later, it was confirmed that there was no problem. Football London in England interviewed a Norwegian reporter and said, “Nusa is fully recovered and has no problem at this time. He also came back to Brugge to play regularly and is doing well.” In addition, he added, “Tottenham is certainly one of the clubs that shows interest.”

It fits the profile that manager Enze Postecoglou wants. Nusa mainly plays on the left wing and is classified as a crack-type winger. He has excellent technique and has been nicknamed “Norway Neymar” accordingly. He also complies with his kick and pass capabilities, and if he gains experience, he will become a very scary striker.


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