“There was no shortage of quantity”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has launched an explanation for the alleged back money transaction of uniforms.

Recently, the association was suspected of wearing an away uniform due to a lack of quantity due to an employee who was in charge of supporting the national team in the semifinal match against Jordan in the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup. Suspicions of internal corruption have also been raised following the “table tennis gate” and “card gate.”

However, the association explained that the shortage of home uniforms is not true. “In the match against Jordan in question, Korea was an away team according to AFC’s game plan,” the association said on its website on Wednesday. “Investigation confirmed that there was no shortage of uniforms in the team.”

The association said, “If our team must wear a home uniform in an international game and it is judged that there is no conflict issue considering the color of the opponent’s uniform, there are cases in which we can claim to wear a home uniform and discuss it at an official meeting with AFC officials and opponents before the game.”

“However, at the AFC meeting the day before the game, it was confirmed that the team leader did not actively proceed with it and accepted the away uniform,” he said. “We believe that the team leader did not discuss changing the uniform because he arbitrarily judged important tasks.”

“Considering the practice of the national team’s work so far, it is reasonable for the national team to hold discussions so that they can wear home uniforms in international games if possible,” he added.

According to the association, after the Asian Cup, the team leader’s work style in charge of supporting the national team was raised internally, and the employee was referred to the HR committee last month and is currently removed from his position.

The association said, “The Korea Football Association is also responsible for creating various suspicions in the recent national team-related work,” adding, “This incident should serve as an opportunity for working-level officials to clearly recognize and implement the national team operation manual so that there is no shortage of national team support work.”

“That’s the basic responsibility of the Korea Football Association,” he said, bowing his head, “I’m sorry again for this series of suspicions and disappointments in the work related to the national team.” 토토사이트 순위

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