$1.13M on a Super Bowl suite.

The retired boxer bragged about it on Instagram, where he posted a copy of his receipt. 슬롯사이트

Mayweather, 46, was among the highest-paid athletes during his active years and has habitually used social media to flaunt his extravagant expenditures. They include the $6.4M he’s spent on luxury watches, the $10M he shelled out for ex-fianceé Shantel Jackson’s engagement ring, and the $600K he spent to fly 300 friends and family members to his 2013 fight against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

Even He Couldn’t Get Comped?
Are tickets to the first Las Vegas Super Bowl really so hard to come by that even sports celebrities like Mayweather can’t find comps?

No. Mayweather for sure could have landed free seats for himself and a handful or two of his friends. The NFL, just like all event promoters, reserves a cache of house seats just for celebrities and their last-minute requests.

However, Mayweather’s suite holds 34 people, which might have been a tall order to comp, even for someone of his renown.

More importantly, Mayweather appears to have paid mostly for bragging rights. Check out his Instagram caption…

“I don’t kiss a** and I never have to beg for nothing especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. I don’t mind accepting invites at times, but one things for sure … The person that’s paying does all the saying. Therefore I get My Own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want! I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas!”

According to multiple reports, Super Bowl LVIII — in which the San Francisco 49ers will take on last year’s champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, as Taylor Swift watches from the stands — will be the most expensive Super Bowl of all time to watch in person.

Even nosebleed seats are averaging $8,600 each, with suites like Mayweather’s going for as much as $2.5M.

Looks like Money Mayweather got in while that suite was a bargain!

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