Just looking at Ryu Hyun-jin, a paradigm shift in the KBO League is inevitable

KIA senior coach Jin Gap-yong, a former legendary catcher, predicted that the automatic ball judgment system (ABS) to be introduced this season will change the league landscape, especially the paradigm of batters.

“I heard that ABS will be wider not only in the left and right, but also in the top and bottom (than in the existing strike zone). Previously, balls that flew at the eye level of a sitting catcher were judged to be balls, but strikes are obvious. If you give two more balls (strike) from this height, it will reach your forehead. As a batter, you can only live by responding to balls that fly at the height of the team’s name that are engraved on the chest of the uniform.”

Considering the characteristics of the KBO League, which has many upper block heaters, it is expected that the paradigm will change. Not many batters can hit high balls properly, and not many pitchers can throw powerful balls along the same course.

This means that both pitchers and hitters of each team, who will play the second camp centered on actual games in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan, should find a “high course” response. Some ask how much influence a ball has, but the unfairness of the referee’s judgment, which was the basis for the introduction of ABS, is also due to the ball.

For example, if the referee’s hand does not rise to the ball across the outer border line, the pitcher’s width of his action will inevitably narrow. If you raise your hand on a ball missing from the border line, the batter must also swing the ball flying over the opposite batter box line. At the critical moment, the game changes completely depending on whether or not you hold a ball on the boundary.

ABS is a desperate measure to eliminate such negative effects, but the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) advertised that it will introduce a system that recognizes a strike only when passing through the center and vertex of the home plate for the first time in the world. Therefore, the Korea Baseball Organization has decided to allow more than two balls, not only at the left and right but also at the top and bottom. This is to avoid criticism that the ABS zone is too narrow.

“It is not easy to hit a high pitch intentionally,” Jin said. Of course, a curve that takes a lot of rotation or a clumsy breaking ball that comes in can turn into a home run ball. Left and right should be left to individual skills, but a high pitch can be overcome through training.”

Therefore, attention is drawn to the game plan of “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (37), who is preparing to return to the KBO League and play in the opening game. Ryu Hyun-jin drew the attention of officials by playing a high cut fastball in his second bullpen pitching at Akama Stadium in Onnason, Okinawa, Japan, on the 26th.

It is also difficult to intentionally throw a high fastball toward the body, but intentionally throwing a cut fastball that flies at the same speed and bends slightly toward the body is to increase the number of weapons to be used on the mound to up to six or seven.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s technology, which allows him to throw outside changeups, large slow curves, and small but fast-falling curves to any course in the strike zone, is already one-top in the KBO League. Naturally, all pitches and courses Ryu throws are subject to analysis, and Raffertory, which has produced good results, is bound to be benchmarked

If Ryu aggressively attacks higher-end courses, “high balls” will become a trend. Batters optimized for the upper block will be put to another test. The paradigm shift in the league is nothing new. 토토사이트먹튀

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