Who was the hottest guy in the NBA in February?

After the All-Star break, the 2023-2024 season of the NBA has entered its second half. Fierce competition continues in February as well. Who was the team and player that performed well in February, and which team and player showed somewhat sluggish performance? (All records were as of February 24)

With the start of the second half of the year in earnest, Dallas has strong momentum. With seven wins and one loss in February alone, Dallas is tying for first (87.5 percent) in February with the top-ranked Boston Red Sox.

Until now, Dallas had a strong image of Luka Doncic’s one-man team. Doncic’s performance has not changed this season. However, Dallas currently has a lot of resources to assist Doncic.

A good example is Kyrie Irving. Irving, who is leading the Dallas team with Doncic, is showing off his skills by focusing only on basketball for the first time in a long time in a long time.

In addition, Dallas successfully acquired P.J. Washington and Daniel Gafford through a trade deadline. It was a recruitment that could solve Dallas’ long-cherished dream under the basket at once. Dallas has been on the rise since winning seven consecutive games before and after the trade.

Philadelphia is still in the top ranks. It has 33 wins and 23 losses so far, ranking fifth in the East.

However, the month of February has slowed down a bit for Philadelphia. The team still has a struggle after capturing Utah in its first game in February, but has lost four games in a row since then. Its performance in February was 4-6, falling short of .500.

The biggest reason Philadelphia is sluggish can be found in injuries. Joel Embiid, who was moving hard to win his second consecutive MVP title, left due to injury, and the team’s strength fell significantly. Embiid is expected to return only at the end of the regular season.

Therefore, Philadelphia will have no choice but to continue its struggle for the rest of the season. It is time for key resources such as Tyreece Maxi and Buddy Hield to work harder.

New York is currently in an injury ward. New York is facing a crisis due to the successive departures of Julius Randle and O.G. Anunovi.

It is New York that desperately needed a player to assist Jaylen Brunson in the midst of his struggle. For New York, Donte DiVinchenjo’s performance is a very welcome factor.

Divinchenzo has been reborn as one of the best shooters in the league since February. He is attempting 12.4 3-pointers per game in February. He succeeded 4.6 of them, displaying 36.8 percent accuracy rate. In addition, the duration of play per game has increased explosively to 39.5 minutes.

As he began to receive many opportunities, Divinchenzo’s stat improved dramatically. So far, he has averaged 23.9 points in February, recording the stat of the Elyde scorers. Divinchenzo’s performance is a ray of light for New York.

Jordan Poole, once considered the future of Golden State, announced a new start this season when he moved to Washington.

However, Pul’s performance in the Washington D.C. has been 15.8 points and 3.6 assists so far. It is regrettable that he recorded 20.4 points on average last season.

The bigger problem is not the volume but the efficiency. Pool’s field play ratio this season is 39.6 percent. The success rate of three-point shooting is 30.3 percent, which is a sigh of relief.

It is even more serious in February. In February, Poole averaged only 12.3 points, with a field goal ratio of 30.1 percent and a three-point shooting success rate of 26.5 percent. The field goal is not working at all, but Poole is still shooting 13.7 times per game.

In the end, Washington made the decision to bench Grass at the beginning of the second half. What’s more problematic is the remaining contract period and size of Grass. Grass signed a four-year, $140 million contract in 2022. There are still more than $30 million in annual contracts left until the 2026-27 season. If the current situation continues, Grass is likely to remain the league’s worst malicious contract.

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