Asia Gaming Brief, the new Sochi Casino and Resort will be run by LLC Domain

Founded a year ago by Singapore-based construction company Silverron International Private Limited and licensed to casinos last month, and plans to celebrate its premiere with musical performances such as Leonid Agutin, Anzhelika Varum and Lolita.

“Many people are already looking forward to the official opening of the casino,” wrote Stuart McLaughlin, general manager of Sochi Casino and Resort. “We decided to give gifts to future visitors and give them a unique opportunity to celebrate the New Year at Sochi Casino and Resort and be the first guests before Jan. 5.”

Decision made casino gambling illegal in Russia, with the exception of four other regions: Kaliningrad Province in the Baltic Sea, the Far East Maritime Province, Krasnodar Province in the Black Sea, and Altai Province in Central Asia. Krasnaya Polyana, which is directly translated as “Red meadow” in Russian, was added to Krasnodar province , and Moscow approved a casino for the newly merged Crimea region in June.

“Our guests can now purchase packages for three nights, five nights and seven nights,” said Tatiana Chuikina, director of sales and product development at Sochi Casino and Resort. “These include one of the first-time opportunities to visit our casino, dining in our gourmet restaurant with a Christmas program and a famous chef, a comfortable shuttle car, business class accommodation in a deluxe room, a spa and many other details.”


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