2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

The IOC held an executive committee meeting on the 8th (local time) and decided to recommend a total of eight people, including Chairman Kim, as candidates for the new committee.

“We will select a total of eight new IOC members, including four women and four men, through the 141st IOC General Assembly to be held in Mumbai, India, from October 15 to 17, the IOC said on its website.”

New member candidates recommended by the executive committee rarely failed to win the general meeting, so Chairman Kim’s election as an IOC member seems to be a fait accompli. Chairman Kim is known to have already passed all three stages of screening, including document screening, ethics committee verification, and candidate recommendation committee.

If Chairman Kim is elected, the number of incumbent IOC members in Korea will increase to three. Currently, Yoo Seung Min athletes elected at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Lee Ki-heung, chairman of the Korea Sports Council and IOC member elected in 2019 as representatives of the National Olympic Committee, are serving as IOC members on behalf of South Korea.

It is the first time that three IOC members from South Korea are active at the same time since the early 2000s when Chairman Lee Kun-hee, the late Kim Un-yong, and former Doosan Group Chairman Park Yong-sung were active.

There are a total of 11 Korean IOC members. If Chairman Kim is elected, he will be listed as the 12th person. The maximum number of IOC members is 115, and as of the 9th, 99 members are active. If eight members are added through the general meeting, the total number of members will increase to 107.

IOC members have a strong authority to decide on key IOC issues, including the selection of the venue for the Olympics. The IOC membership consists of individual qualifications (up to 70), National Olympic Committee (NOC) representation qualifications, IF representation qualifications, and athlete members (up to 15 each). Chairman Kim became a candidate for IF representative qualification as head of ISU.

Kim is the husband of Lee Seo-hyun, chairman of the Samsung Welfare Foundation, the second daughter of the late Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee. Following his father-in-law, late chairman Lee Kun-hee, his son-in-law, Kim, has also entered the path of becoming an IOC member.

Chairman Kim has been active in winter sports. He served as chairman of the Korea Skating Union, vice chairman of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, vice chairman of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee, member of the IOC Coordinating Committee for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and member of the ISU. He became the first non-European to win the ISU presidential election in June last year.

The candidates for the IOC members, who were listed with Chairman Kim, are splendid. Petra Soeling (Sweden), a female president of the International Table Tennis Federation, was named as a candidate for IF’s qualification. El Arad (Israel), a former judo player, Cecilia Tate (Peru), Asia’s first Oscar-winning film actress Yang Tzu-chung (Malaysia, female), sports administrator Balaz Furysi (Hungary), and sports entrepreneur Michael Mronz (Germany, male).

Mahrez, chairman of Tunisia’s Bolsaene (Male) Olympic Committee, was selected as a candidate for the NOC’s qualification.

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